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  1. Looked at Hastings Facebook Page. Looks the same but older. Parts his hair the same as the composite drawing. He has crazy eyes, i wish they would bring him back to Michigan for a good grilling.

    1. You are very observant! Of all the photos of John that have been circulated. There is only one of his hair parted differently. This was one with his brother Tom in the picture as well. John had a different hair style altogether which happen to be right after the composite sketches hit the newspapers. Maybe there was something he didn’t like about his hair all of a sudden?

  2. This interview was done very well. Absolutely great discussions. Looking forward to Andy’s podcast series.

  3. Ya know, Birmingham PD is as bad as the MSP. Lying about speaking to witnesses at the Big Boy. 😔 Sigh….
    This just reiterates “they know who did it”, they know they majorly F*^#%~ Up and they know there’s big players who took H Lee’s blood money to lose/cover up evidence.
    Jack K doesn’t get a pass either, the fact he lied & denied to Det Williams about being the Birmingham Officer to talk to Tim Nummer speaks volumes.

    1. B’ham PD knew. They also gave Chris Busch many passes when he was walking around town with his dick in his hand and flashing kids and leaving nasty Polaroids around. “There’s nothing we can do; his father is a bigwig.” “Sorry, ma’am, nothing we can do—just don’t let your kids play in Pembroke Park.” They have a 260 lb serial pedophile numerous passes and one of their 63-lb citizens was thereafter victimized and murdered. B’ham PD has blood on their hands. They HAD to eventually know about the “solution” at 3310 Morningview Terrace in November 1978. They continued to cross paths with my parents and actually look them in the eyes.

  4. AW’s story remains the same as it has since he first came forward. He leaves no doubt in my mind he heard what he heard and seen what he seen.

    Like CrimeBuffy said, B’ham lying about the Big Boy interviews does nothing but discourage and frustrate the hell out of anyone.

    The more this shit stirs, the more it stinks. LE on almost every level not only failed to do their jobs at a bare minimum, they continue to cover eachother’s asses as if no one is going to figure it out.

    Does anyone else remember hearing or reading that JH owned a Tempest back in early 70’s?

  5. Took a ride out to Orchard Lake road this weekend and on the way back home, i turned on to Morningview Terrace and saw 3310 which is up for sale. I got a chill as I passed that house. Who in their right mind would buy that house knowing what took place there.


    1. Interesting. I could not find it listed on any of the real estate sites (i.e. Zillow or Redfin) which both say the property is not currently for sale. Is it For Sale By Owner? And, under Michigan law, I don’t think the fact that the house is the site of an intense search for evidence of multiple murders, or that – depending on what you believe, it is the site of a murder or suicide and God knows what other horrendous crimes has to be disclosed. But the energy of that house just has to be toxic.

    2. It must be awful for the owners as I assume they didn’t know the history when they bought it (given they thought that the search was for Jimmy Hoffa). I think the state should buy it and tear it down to its studs to look for any evidence.

      1. Excellent call, KP. I wish Patterson was alive so he could help fund the tear down and sale. The current owners are the second owners after H. Lee and Elsie Busch, who I am sure offloaded that house and moved onward and upward without saying a word about the dark things that happened in there. The cabin at Ess Lake, no longer owned by the Busch family, was torn down very soon after Detective Cory Williams paid a visit to Montmorency County to ask questions after Chris Busch’s name surfaced. Torn down due to alleged storm damage. That was a dark place, too.

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