“It’s going to be solved. It’s only a matter of time.”

Check out this article from the National Writers Series, The Author Next Door, about Marney Keenan and her book The Snow Killings, Inside the Oakland County Child Killer Investigation:

10 thoughts on ““It’s going to be solved. It’s only a matter of time.””

  1. First, Marney is the only person I’ve ever heard of who moved to Detroit. Second, “only a matter of time” struck me as extremely disconcerting. Time? Haven’t we just about run out of time? Time is our biggest enemy now.

    1. I know, the killers and enablers have had a great run. But giving up is not an option. Even if every participant dies, every dirty cop dies, every dirty politician dies, every family member who lied dies, every single enabler in this case dies, it all has to be exposed whenever and however that happens. Otherwise communities like Oakland County will experience something like this again. Not on this scale, but dirty people–acting on fear and greed–will always be consistent. This case MUST be taken away from the MSP or the anchors they have placed on the case for over four decades will continue to obstruct justice forever. Yes, it is all extremely disconcerting. Even more disconcerting is giving up and letting these four kids die again and again in the state police file cabinets.

  2. I believe it will be solved I have faith. There has to be some way to get Lamborgine to talk. He seems the most likely to crack under pressure. I don’t think Sloan will ever talk. I’ve been following this case since I was a kid and god bless Marney and Cory and you Cathy, I agree we can never give up until the truth comes out.

  3. I have faith this case can still be solved. There are 4 suspects that haven’t talked/ John Hastings , Arch Sloan, Ted Lamborghine, and Vince Gunnels. They know. They need to be swayed to talk. Whatever it takes before one of these suspects dies. This case haunted me as a child. I was 8 years old. I remember it clearly . I often think of scenarios on how easily they could have gotten caught . Dropping Marks body in an industrial office at 10am. No one seen this? Jill Robinson being shot with a shot gun on a busy interstate highway . No one heard or seen this? Kristine being abducted from a busy 7/11 during mid day. Finally Tim King being abducted at a huge Pharmacy / Food store parking lot.
    If this would have happened today the killer would have been caught fast. With technology , VIDEO CAMERAS

    1. John Hastings has been formally cleared through DNA and a polygraph. This was a question affirmed on Saturday at Marney Kennan’s Book/Investigation discussion. Investigated throughly by Det Williams.

      1. Although the polygraph conclusions from Georgia seem to raise all kinds of red flags as Cathy has shown here in previous posts. (Duncan’s conclusions from Georgia) WTF? What gives here? Can’t be both ways. Has Mr.Williams ever explained what is written in those FOIA docs under Hastings polygraph conclusions? Was Hastings bringing a book on serial killers enough to get him cleared? Curious readers would like to know.

    1. See pages 138 -140 in the Snow Killings.
      Det Williams, the only living competent investigator in this case, has total credibility.

      1. First off Marney is reporting what Cory told her in the past. My understanding of what took place and I could be wrong. The arguing between Williams and Gray over Helen Dagner took place on the way to Georgia and during questioning Hastings. By the time the polygraph was conducted by Duncan and his boss, Williams and Gray were not even around and were heading back to Michigan. Cory may not even be aware of the final conclusions written in these FOIA pages but someone better wake up to them! They are very telling and could point to something. Someone needs to explain things here rather than padding each other on the back. Credibility lies in someone that can go over this and explain and if there is a slip up better do something about it!

  4. By Cory Williams & Gary Gray dropping the ball on investigating Hastings thoroughly and making every excuse in the world for it, may be one reason why this case is not solved. Marney’s book seems to just reflect that all the more.

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