2 thoughts on “More good news.”

  1. It’s not good news if information about the killings dies with them. I want them all interviewed until they can’t see straight.

  2. This prick helped lead a forum called NAMBLA …North American Man/Boy Love Association. It never ceases to amaze me to read how organized and flamboyant these monsters are.
    Like it’s such a legal and natural practice. Hell, back in the day, the newspapers and LE documents called these crimes of a “homosexual nature”. All of the countless victims and the ripple effect from the continuous cover-ups lies and the shifting of these creeps from parish to parish. Only 12 yrs in prison for his horrible offenses….this has to change.

    Yes, death in its self does not give victims the closer they may have wanted. But I hope they find solace in knowing that his evil spirit will be no match for the punishment God has for those that treat his children with harm through abuse, torture, or death.

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