Even the Catholic Church

Even the Catholic church is willing to look back on its long history of failing to confront the crimes of sexual abuse by clergy. Read this powerful article in today’s Washington Post:


A constant, overarching theme in sex abuse cases is that those in authority believe, over and over again, the victimizer over the young victim. And the disbelief extends to those who come forward as adults to out these monsters and the parents of these children and young adults who tried to raise the alarm and get help.

This report provided “unprecedented detail into a major abuse case” involving POS pedophile Theodore McCarrick, who rose through the ranks of the Catholic church in the U.S. and allegedly was able to keep doing what he was doing because he “successfully deceived the pope.” McCarrick was able to avoid formal penalties, in keeping with that church’s long-standing tradition of believing “church men” over victims, and keeping any discipline modest and private. The report described in the article is a preliminary report, shared with reporters in advance of the publication of the full report.

A church spokesman said:

“By virtue of the simple fact that this investigation had to be conducted and this report had to be written, my heart hurts for all who will be shocked, saddened, scandalized and angered by the revelations contained therein,” Wilton Gregory, head of the D.C. archdiocese, wrote in a statement Tuesday, acknowledging he hadn’t yet read the full report. “Nonetheless, we know that if true redemptive healing is ever to commence – for those who have been harmed and for the Church Herself – this disclosure must be made.”

John Carr, the former head of domestic lobbying for U.S. bishops, and himself a survivor of clergy sexual abuse, who has been an advocate for church reform said:

I hope this report will strengthen Pope Francis’ call to end destructive clericalism and help end a culture of institutional corruption that has hidden, protected, and rewarded both abusers and those who enabled them or looked the other way. This terrible failure of leadership in the United and at the Vatican over past decades must lead to genuine repentance, reform, and renewal as we move forward.

So even the Catholic church is now taking a “more contemporary approach” to issues of sexual abuse. It was willing to dig into the past to allow that organization a chance to move forward. It acknowledged that abusers and enablers were protected and rewarded.

Oakland County, Michigan must be called upon to confront its sordid past in the investigation of the Oakland County child killings and related crimes against children and young adults which were ignored as part of a scheme to “make this all go away.” They protected and rewarded abusers and enablers. They dropped the fucking ball. And fuck you if you dare to ask about it.

I realize the Catholic church scandal had taken thousands of brave victims to come forward and back-breaking litigation against an almost evil defense team over decades, to come to this point. Oakland County and the MSP have misused and continue to misuse their power to make sure, despite the work of one brave detective, nothing comes of any inquiry.

You could make the argument that old Brooksie just didn’t want any taint on his territory north of 8 mile, so just make this fucked up child predator shit go away. But I think it is much more than that and I know a lot of you do, too. As he moved beyond the prosecutors office to county executive–the pope of Oakland County–he made sure you OC residents saw only his fabulous financial wheeling and dealing to make your county an appealing place to live. And, I’m sorry, if you are working with one of the largest county budgets in the nation, you better not fuck up. You are ahead of the curve before you even start.

This is what took place three months after my brother’s murder:

Warning: This takes some time to load, it is 495 pages.

Think this stuff wasn’t going on in Oakland County? Michigan resident and total POS Gerald Richards testifies in this hearing about sexual exploitation of minors. Senators don’t dig very deep with this man, and being a lying sack of worthless shit, he gives just enough to lighten his sentence. He, unlike his “business partner” and Michigan resident Frank Shelden, does not have a private plane to whisk him away to a place where he can’t be extradited, so he has to cut his losses.

The Chicago Tribune published a series of investigative reports on child pornography in 1977. But the Detroit-area media doesn’t really touch any of this. As I have said many times, the only brave reporting on this issue and on Frank Shelden, his “partners” and N. Fox Island, comes from reporter Marilyn Wright at the Traverse City Record-Eagle, some 250 miles north of Motown and big, fat GM and its fucking executives living high off the hog in Oakland County. A few little articles in the Detroit-area newspapers, but nothing big enough to risk GM pulling ad dollars.

Then the Oakland County child killings come along right in the middle of all of this shit. Uh-oh, looks like some of these guys went too far by pulling this shit in the suburbs. The failure of leadership by Oakland County magnified the failure of leadership by the Michigan State Police in this case. It continues to this very day because people in power in Michigan will not do what EVEN the Catholic church has recently been willing to do–examine the failures which allowed abusers, killers and their enablers to walk away.

Don’t even try to tell me it’s been too long and wrongs have been righted in the OCCK case. (“Hey, there were no more killings!”). I know OC continues to bury this case because people who have come forward since Children of the Snow aired in February of 2018 tell me how they get treated. Every time one of the local Oakland County PDs, the Oakland County sheriff, the Oakland County prosecutor, the MSP, throws up their hands and says “It will never be solved!” ask yourself why, unlike a myriad of jurisdictions around the country, they can never update the public or solve a cold case like this one. Or why tips that have been sitting right under their noses for decades–much like the “clues” about this freak McCarrick, have been and continue to be, ignored.

Finally, and this one is tough to read, ask yourself if, in light of what Gerald Richards and Frank Shelden were up to in the great state of Michigan, this shit somehow wasn’t going on in Oakland County:


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  1. So this TED Talk dropped this morning and I listened to it after posting about the WaPo article from today. https://www.ted.com/talks/erika_cheung_theranos_whistleblowing_and_speaking_truth_to_power

    Listen to this brave young woman describe how she blew the whistle on her criminal employer, Theranos (Elizabeth Holmes and Ramesh Balwani) in the face of personal and professional repercussions. She asks “How do we make speaking up the norm, not the exception?” in the face of unethical and criminal behavior by institutions and individuals.

    Imagine a scenario where there are no whistleblowers. And even worse, if there is no agency willing to listen to the whistle in any event? Welcome to the OCCK investigation.

  2. What people do not realize is networks always have a base office. Where was the best location? Rome. If you’re going to groom and entice children one must be master at grooming and enticing
    congregations. Wise as serpents, but outwardly harmless as a dove but souls tattooed with names of countless victims. They may can fool the governments, people and fellow operatives but in the end when all is said and done and no turning back to confess before man well is very ugly eternal punishment. When one reads the Book of Enoch it describes a place provided for such souls known as the 5th and 7th Heavens as he describes them. Just read at what type of sins and personality traits and occupations are well described. False teachers are punished with pedophiles among others.
    So in my last comment get ready to buckle up and learn about my and others stories which bear testimony to God and the truth. He’s the One behind my mission. That bunch in Murphy, North Carolina and Young Harris, Georgia are about to reap the fruits of their labor.
    Good luck in the long run trying to discredit Him. He solved these cases for us. He use me as one of his hands in doing so so just be thankful soon that you’ll have way more disclosure then what you have now. So repent and get ready to buckle up and see how he shut down a group of terrorists using His title. There are not pedophiles, child rapists and murderers in His kingdom so why should He allow them to use His title in an army containing such trash? He didn’t. He booted them out of His army by sending a commander He wants in control. He didn’t do it for the government nor terrorists. He did it for the American People. Now He is calling for them and they’re hunkering like cowards. Still celebrating these pedophiles holidays they honor in His name. Wow!.

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