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Registration is closed for tonight’s Zoom book discussion of The Snow Killings: Inside the Oakland County Child Killer Investigation, with Marney Keenan through Baldwin Public Library.

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  1. Cathy;

    It’s pointless!

    It’s one thing to shrug off the 1st OCCK composite sketch from 70s and the witness description and just say that it’s mere coincidence that it matches John Hastings. But to have the Doug Wilson sketch now match him all the more. OK sketches can be deceiving and they are not evidence but this is really hard to ignore.

    But!! It’s right in your own FOIA papers that your family received that hidden is the conclusions to his polygraph in Georgia where the polygrapher (Duncan) and his boss concluded that John Hastings is involved with these murders someway! Caution flags were raised! Still yet it’s ignored and overlooked for years. Mr. Gray and Mr. Williams that requested the polygraph were not even present when they were conducted. Furthermore there was a DVD made of the polygraph test right in print in the FOIA papers but seems like no one from Michigan has ever reviewed it. Where’s this DVD?

    Here we are now with author Marney publishing a book on the case and claims to the public during one of her promotions to her book that John Hastings was cleared and passed the polygraph.

    Where in the hell do we stand with this? Either a combination of Marney or Cory should explain this by now or at the very least acknowledge that they read those conclusions of Duncan in the FOIA papers and are puzzled by them.

    Don’t tell me they don’t read your blog but I will say with their silence and lack of response over this makes it completely pointless to continue to discuss this case. What’s the use?

    • My opinion: Hastings. Was. Involved. When this is established, as I believe it can be, it will pull down the entire house of cards that is the MSP investigation. Hastings was too close to Chris Busch (his neighbor, same age for god’s sake!) and the running of kids for sex and porn ($$$$$), so they had to make him go away. In 1992 I believe B’ham gets pulled off the Alpena investigation (second time Hastings’ name is turned in). Let criminal dogs lie. B’ham PD not only knew about Chris Busch’s activities in their city and did nothing about it, but probably acquiesced to the deal Marney Keenan describes in her book by meeting with Busch attorney Jane Burgess. They can deny all they want, but by the time the 1992 investigation of Hastings is “concluded,” they were given the final word: This case will never be solved. Understand?

      Years later, the bulldog Helen Dagner has not let it go and trust me, cops do not take well to the ego-bruising a woman like that could deliver. She’s crazy, lies and has as big an ego as the cops. Fuck it. So Hastings gets away with it so far. Says he doesn’t know Chris Busch–there’s your first clue before that polygraph in GA that he is a liar. The GBI polygraph notes, right there in the FOIA documents, evidence a considered, well-run polygraph by a polygrapher who knew what he was doing. His instincts are ignored and those of disgraced MSP polygrapher, Ralph Cabot in 1977 are somehow gold? Like I said, this is a big problem for their house of cards.

      The Georgia Bureau of Investigation was a big help here. But their work was apparently for naught.

      What’s the use? Hastings is still alive. Gunnels is still alive. Lamborgine and Sloan are still alive. Others who know are still alive. “He comes from a good family.” Right. The case needs to be pulled from the MSP. An investigator who is not being pressured from the inside could establish these links.

      Where we stand is that until this case is handed over to someone who is not tainted by the culture at the MSP and the desire by Oakland County to keep a lid on all of this, justice in whatever form is left at this point, will never be done. I think someone should have to answer for that.

  2. I have been puzzled about the very same thing. I loved Marney’s book but I was very disappointed when Hastings was dismissed because of the passed polygraph, when you look at the FOIA papers and it says the exact opposite. It would have been better to not have mentioned him at all than to have ‘cleared him’ (in my opinion). Its too bad that Helen got her ego so wrapped up in this and told lies as well, because if there was truth in it, we needed law enforcement to take it all seriously. I thought Cory took it seriously by going to Atlanta, but it appears he has a grudge against Helen as well.

    As you said Cathy, there are plenty of people still alive. Answers could possibly be found if the right people in Michigan LE cared (or FBI, or anyone in LE). The people that do care don’t have power unfortunately.

    • Exactly. Richard Thompson, Don Studt, Ike McKinnon; these amnesiacs are still alive. There are people in the prosecutors offices (not just OC—other jurisdictions where Busch and Richards, Shelden were being looked at and the judiciary who know or have held
      back info. R. Keith Stark and Larry Burgess know, too, but they can hide behind the attorney-client privilege. The MSP? All liars. Those who aren’t willing to keep up the charade get away from this case as soon as they are able.

    • To have two professionals participating with the polygraph tests (Georgia) giving high recommendations that the person under study was involved with these murders someway, something has to give. This cannot be ignored and pretend it’s not there. It’s in print right in the FOIA papers. So yes, Cory is just as guilty if he goes on telling Marney that he passed the polygraph and he was cleared with no further comment. I’d say there is more here than just a grudge to Helen though but one possibility might be Cory was misinformed from Gray and just didn’t know what was in print in these FOIA papers. This can’t keep being ignored like it’s not there! Someone from this investigation needs to explain!

  3. Someone that has some type of leverage in this case needs to go around this Michigan cover-up circus which may even include Cory and get to the heart of the matter. Contact Georgia folks and find the truth over this polygraph, if possible. Get an explanation for these conclusions written in the FOIA papers. Maybe fill in some of the gaps that were taken out. Where’s the DVD involved with the results of the polygraph? Because Georgia is involved they may actually have more than what was left behind in Busch’s polygraph in MIchigan. Another state being involved may be just the right path to getting to the truth or at least some of it.

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