It’s pretty obvious.

Anyone with a passing familiarity with the OCCK case comes to a conclusion that is impervious to law enforcement gaslighting.

For instance, here is a recent comment on the YouTube channel for Decades of Deceit:

If you have not checked out the YouTube channel, you can access it here. This 31-chapter presentation was taped years ago, but it is still relevant. So, dated but worth a listen:

Or consider this comment from a reader:

Like I said. It’s now obvious.

6 thoughts on “It’s pretty obvious.”

  1. After providing and attempting to bring out the hard facts and gain more information and evidence to determine whether or not there were connections in this and other child murder cases has promoted and connected the right people in order to connect the dots and missing pieces of the ugly as puzzle. If I had not been placed in jeopardy by Catherine she good receive a pretty good idea about whats about to be revealed. Yes Francis Shelden is connected is all I can say at this point other than get ready to buckle up because history and evidence is about to take everyone for one hell of a ride. May I kindly suggest for Catherine and Tim to respond with apologies but I’ll let them determine whether to do it now or after everything else is revealed. After Friday everything will be coming out everyone. Pull out your pens and prepare to change some views about political parties and their explicit party members.

  2. That’s what is so odd about the MSP’s lack of ambition on this case. I just read the book Terror in Ypsilanti and they were professional and diligent in regards to the John Norman Collins case , the way the MSP is supposed to be. Here’s praying that with a new Oakland County Prosecutor 2021 will bring results.

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