The bigger background for the search warrant affidavit.

As a reader pointed out, the affidavit for the search warrant for a search of the old Busch family home condenses a lot of what was in the FOIA documents I have previously posted. An even broader and disturbing picture is painted in the original affidavit prepared in this case by then Livonia Det./Sgt. Cory Williams.

Here’s how this works. Williams did all of the heavy lifting on this information, and I mean all of it. He prepares the affidavit and he provides it to Oakland County. He and Garry Gray from the MSP then met with Oakland County Prosecutor Dave Gorcyca and two assistant prosecutors in October 2008 to discuss the Busch lead and the need to search the Bloomfield Village home he was living in at the time of the OCCK murders. Williams and Gray showed the evidence that had been developed up to that point, including photos, reports, witness statements, and polygrapher Larry Wasser’s behaviors and statements to police.

Gorcyca states it is the best lead in the OCCK case he has seen in his 14 years as a prosecutor. The warrants attorney then drafts the affidavit I previously posted for the signature of Det./Sgt. Gray from the MSP and a judge signs the search warrant and it is executed in late October 2008.

Consider the affidavit prepared by Det./Sgt. Williams:

I cannot answer another reader’s question about what, if anything, was ever done by the MSP state lab to evaluate any of the evidence, including any animal hair. The MSP would not keep in touch with my Dad, and a year after the search warrant was executed and he heard nothing back and they kept blowing him off, he went to reporter Marney Keenan at The Detroit News. Then it was war. The MSP playbook does not involve respecting victim’s family members if they ask too many questions, let alone go to the press. I sincerely believe that if some high up at the MSP had reached out to my Dad prior to that and even given him some bullshit–much like B’ham PD had done for decades, he would have patiently waited for the MSP to step up. They could have bought a few more years of silence and compliance through gaslighting and manipulation the way B’ham PD did.

In fact, after the release of Marney Keenan’s book, The Snow Killings, Inside the Oakland County Child Killer Investigation late this past summer, I believe the MSP has made an internal decision not to pursue any aspect of the case. I would like to see them answer for what they have not done in this case.