Rich black sheep.

In going through documents my Dad had sent me, I found the 2014 “John Doe” papers I posted on December 18, 2020. I knew John Doe’s real name and that he had named a Fisher–a “GM Fisher,” not an “it’s a common name Fisher”–but I did not know the full name of the person Doe discussed. I knew that Doe had died soon after meeting with my Dad. Even though the man seemed quite ill when he met with my Dad, it was not lost on any of us that the death followed so soon after this meeting. If you think people haven’t died around this case who shouldn’t have, think again.

Two things happened after I posted about John Doe. First, two researchers sent me information linking the Fisher and Briggs families and indicated a name that came into better focus as the person Doe may have been referencing in his documents: Everell E. Fisher, Jr. (DOB 10-6-41; DOD 1-2-89). One of the researchers noted he had been married twice. Another broke down Doe’s notes and filled in gaps. Here is the impressive work the person shared with me:

Note that while the Doe notes/documents are dated January 2014 (he was apparently in the process of writing a book), he met with my Dad later in the year.

I shared this researcher’s work with author and journalist Marney Keenan. Marney assumed I knew the following. I did not. The Doe documents did not provide a name (although he had in fact shared the name verbally with my Dad) and the guy asked for confidentiality. As I explained in my previous post, once someone tells me they need confidentiality, that they won’t fill in any gaps, that they are concerned about safety, I’m not touching it. I will file it in my brain for possible future reference, but I don’t take notes, I don’t write down your phone number, I’m not checking back in. The state police and Oakland County law enforcement won’t even listen to people about the OCCK case–like they are going to protect them or advise them?!? The only people who got protection in this case were the rich, influential pedophiles who were involved in the 1970s pedophile and child porn rings, who continue to remain unnamed. They are the reason this investigation hit a brick wall.

This is what I did not know. My Dad had asked Doe to meet with Marney Keenan to share information about a suspect: Everell E. Fisher, Jr. Doe was writing a book and he agreed to meet with Marney in hopes of advancing the investigation. She explained she was writing a book about the child killings. Doe died the week before the planned dinner.

Marney Keenan continued to try to research Doe’s information. Of course his mother would not talk. His “girlfriend”/beard from the 1970s would not either. By the way, Fisher knew how to pick them. The woman was a single mother of young boys. “It was too long ago,” and obviously hideously painful–you know the drill. Nobody talks honestly and this becomes another loose end.

I think you will agree when you read this information, obtained by Marney Keenan, that this shit is shocking, especially when looked at in light of what Doe was saying. Everell Fisher, Jr. had four tips called in on him between March 20 and March 24, 1977. Three were from anonymous informants and one was from a Detroit cop. Fisher’s girlfriend alibied him for the relevant dates, March 16, 1977 (when Tim was abducted) and March 22, 1977 (when Tim’s body was dumped). And no one with a badge ever considered that with more than one person involved in these crimes, someone could go out to eat while a co-conspirator was killing a kid and then dumping the body. Oh, and I’m sure this guy didn’t drive a Gremlin.

Marney did speak with attorney Mickey Briggs about his cousin Everell. At this point Briggs was “of counsel” at the same law firm my Dad had been with for many years. She explained the conversation was brief and uncomfortable. She told me “Briggs must have said Everell was troubled, but certainly not involved.”

Marney pointed out that one of the tips indicates Fisher had been “institutionalized” between 1960 and 1964 at this hospital–

Certainly not involved. See for yourself.


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