Episode 4 of The Clown and the Candyman. Boy Scout Troop #137

Listen very carefully to Episode 4 of The Clown and the Candyman.


There is so much there that I had to listen twice.

Consider the work done by New Orleans Police Department detectives Frank Wicks and Gus Stansbury.

Now might be a good time to contrast the work done on Michigan’s own Frank Shelden and the North Fox Island “investigation.” I have previously posted the FOIA documents Marney Keenan obtained from the Michigan State Police in 2010. Here is a sample. Remember, the FBI doesn’t have any files on Shelden, Busch or N. Fox Island. Those pesky facility floods can be “catastrophic.”

Email/notes regarding documents:

Some of the file documents:

In New Orleans, investigators realized what they were looking at was “like a pebble dropping in the water.” Michigan preferred to flush the whole thing after putting Gerald Richard behind bars (for a very short time). Here’s something else to consider when you look at the darkness inherent in these cases:


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