Michigan mother arrested in 2003 cold case by Cook Co. Illinois Sheriff’s Office using the same DNA technology that broke the Golden State Killer case.


This Michigan mother was charged yesterday with two counts of first degree murder for the deaths of her newborn twin sons in Stickney Township, Illinois, 17 years ago. A Waste Management employee who was emptying trash bins in an alley discovered the newborns who were determined to have been born alive and then asphyxiated. An investigation ensued but there was no arrest.

Cook County, Illinois sheriff’s police reopened the case in 2018 and used DNA from evidence recovered at the scene in 2003 in an effort to identify the birth mother using the latest developments in genetic genealogy. The DNA research and subsequent investigations allowed detectives to identify the Michigan woman as the victims’ potential birth mother. Police then traveled to Holland, Michigan to obtain a discarded item containing the woman’s DNA. It matched the DNA from the babies. Police obtained information that the woman was in Cook County and took her into custody after a traffic stop in Oak Lawn, Illinois.

The lead detective Ginny Georgantas said “I’m happy that there’s closure for the twins, there was no one fighting for them.”

Your friendly 55-year-old neighbor in Farmington Hills

Steven Price of Farmington Hills, Oakland County, faces 200 years for child porn. https://www.radio.com/wwjnewsradio/news/local/farmington-hills-man-faces-200-years-in-prison-for-child-por. A tip to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children provided to the Michigan State Police lead to the arrest. https://www.hometownlife.com/story/news/local/farmington-hills/2020/12/04/farmington-hills-man-arrested-charged-child-porn-sting/3799046001/ .

While I am glad to read that the Michigan State Police has a task force devoted to internet crimes against children, this man has to be the tip of the iceberg. As a reader pointed out, where is the sting?? Compare the Genessee County Sheriff’s Office–https://www.wnem.com/news/sheriff-releases-more-information-related-to-ghost-operation/article_0e4f78ca-e245-11ea-897e-43b8690fb3d2.html.

If this blog has conveyed anything, it is that Oakland County, Michigan was a hotbed of pedophelia and child porn at the time of the OCCK crimes. I seriously doubt that over the decades, with the explosion of internet crimes against children, that there is any less of it in Oakland County as of today. In Oakland County a lot of these men have the patina of “model citizen”–they certainly are not outwardly a Greg Greene, making it harder for residents there to understand or accept the underbelly there.

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