Episode 4 of The Clown and the Candyman. Boy Scout Troop #137

Listen very carefully to Episode 4 of The Clown and the Candyman.


There is so much there that I had to listen twice.

Consider the work done by New Orleans Police Department detectives Frank Wicks and Gus Stansbury.

Now might be a good time to contrast the work done on Michigan’s own Frank Shelden and the North Fox Island “investigation.” I have previously posted the FOIA documents Marney Keenan obtained from the Michigan State Police in 2010. Here is a sample. Remember, the FBI doesn’t have any files on Shelden, Busch or N. Fox Island. Those pesky facility floods can be “catastrophic.”

Email/notes regarding documents:

Some of the file documents:

In New Orleans, investigators realized what they were looking at was “like a pebble dropping in the water.” Michigan preferred to flush the whole thing after putting Gerald Richard behind bars (for a very short time). Here’s something else to consider when you look at the darkness inherent in these cases:


2 thoughts on “Episode 4 of The Clown and the Candyman. Boy Scout Troop #137”

  1. What is sad is how truly incompetent the Michigan police were in this case as well as the OCCK case. It was like they were waiting for someone to walk up wearing a Tshirt saying “I’m the perp”. Instead of investigating with an open mind, all avenues seemed to have been shut down when they had the culprits in hand. Leg work and communication could have solved these cases. Instead justice has never been served. No wonder the Michigan police won’t talk about it. They look like fools.

  2. Yes, that episode of the podcast was excellent!
    And thank you for sharing the article discussing heroic survivor Ricky Windmann, which fills in tragic details of the aftermath (betrayed by a cop assigned to ‘look out for him’) and his ongoing efforts to bring his abusers to justice.

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