The story of the emails.

The past few weeks I have gone through hundreds of emails and other information sent to me by readers. I printed off many of them as a habit I acquired years ago when I was having “trouble” with my computer and cell phone after I ended up on the other side of the table from the MSP in 2007.

This is a visual reflection of these communications from the past few years. The visual big picture helped me both absorb and acknowledge what people have shared with me.

I started in the center with the word TRANSPARENCY. Then I let the documents I had to file or toss tell the story. Uh-oh, look where it got big: the Oakland County Prosecutor’s Office, local PDs and the child porn and sex rings related to white collar GM workers.

What you can’t see on the left side is a list of 17 suspect names people have given me over the years. Most of these names I had never heard before. Some had been “cleared.”

In fairness, the MSP section isn’t as big because I already knew how much they sucked and continue to do so.

I can’t respond to every email, but I read them all and they have helped me gain a bigger picture. The emails that break my heart are the ones from people who were sexually assaulted as children, who told no one or were not believed. There have been many from people who, as a kid in Oakland County, had a near miss. The terror is conveyed in the telling of these nightmare stories. It is still fresh after over 40 years.

January is Slavery and Human Trafficking Prevention Month. The United Nations defines human trafficking as “[t]he recruitment, transportation, transfer, harbouring or receipt of persons for the purpose of exploitation.”

If a child is abducted and “shared” with another sick adult, that is trafficking. If a twisted parent allows other sick adults to abuse or film his child, that is trafficking.  We called it “kidnapping” or “child abuse.”  Just like we called child rape “molestation.”  A child molester is a rapist.

I don’t even have N. Fox Island or one of the biggest child traffickers in Michigan history, Frank Shelden, on that page. But here is what one email about this monster said: Shelden and Richards on occasion “disposed” of some of their victims by pushing them out of Shelden’s plane as they flew over Lake Michigan to and from Shelden’s pedophile island.

At least three different people concluded their stories from the 1970s with some version of these words: NO ONE was looking out for kids in Michigan.

This visual is not entirely in the photo frame and is not a comprehensive detailing of facts. It is just a sad, disturbing documenting of some of the ripples in the OCCK case.

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