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More national discussion of the OCCK Case

Listen to part 3 of an interview of author J. Reuben Appelman, author of The Kill Jar by Kevin Price, host of the nationally syndicated Price of Business show about the OCCK crimes. https://soundcloud.com/user-759550640/j-reuben-appelman-part-3-interview-with-producer-of-film-on-oakland-county-child-killer.

Price and Appelman were kids in Oakland County, Michigan when, as both acknowledge upon reflection, it was one of the most dangerous parts of the entire country for young children. Think about that. I wish L. Brooks Patterson was still alive to hear how we all know now “his” county was an epicenter of child endangerment while he constantly pointed a finger at Detroit. I wish he was still alive to hear his county being discussed honestly for once on a show called THE PRICE OF BUSINESS.

That pig left y’all holding the bag in Oakland County as people increasingly ask for the truth in these cases. The discussion is national and international. Someone is going to have to clean up after the Patterson, Thompson, Robertson and Krease gang. The Cooper gang, too. This is not going away.

As Price says, watch the documentary about these child killings, Children of the Snow, by Cineflix for Investigation Discovery (2018), now streaming on Hulu. https://www.hulu.com/series/children-of-the-snow-e5670464-7adc-4907-80c1-9f38ce17ee82.