Does anyone out there have a conscience?

Check this out about our “old friend” John “nothing to see here” McKinney, who was murdered in his Birmingham art gallery at 1025 Haynes Street on September 20, 1977, six months after my brother Tim’s murder:

I’m also wondering why a detective from Raleigh, N.C. would be interested in McKinney’s murder.

We’ve discussed McKinney numerous times before, read here:

John McKinney



And of course, if you have not read Portraits in the Snow, The Oakland County Child Killingsā€¦Scandals and Small Conspiracies, by M.F. Cribari (2011) well . . . let’s just say you might want to.

And as for my question, does anyone out there have a conscience?, if you have the sense you should have spoken up about unusual or criminal things about people like John McKinney, John Hastings, Everell E. Fisher, Jr., Richard McNamee, Chris Busch, H. Lee Busch, Greg Greene or Vince Gunnels–guess what? YOU SHOULD HAVE.

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