Everell E. Fisher, Jr.

Here’s a photo of “Ev” dated 1973, at his new gallery in Birmingham, Michigan (Interiors, Inc., 328 N. Woodward at the time). Ring a bell or a trigger warning for anyone?

From the assortment tips turned in to the OCCK task force on this man:

  1. Very violent
  2. Married a nurse
  3. “Looks like composite”
  4. Thought to be living on Franklin Road with a female impersonator
  5. “Believed to be homo”–married twice–odd acting, violent temper
  6. Interviewed on March 29, 1977, at the office of his attorney, Basil Briggs with attorney William M. Bolger present.
  7. Arrested 3-4 years prior in a town on the outskirts of Grand Rapids for “some type of homosexual charge,” later dismissed. Represented by attorney Nick Spicer from Grand Rapids.
  8. Institutionalized 1960-1964 at Menninger Clinic, Topeka, Kansas
  9. Was alibied the evening of March 22 (when Tim’s body was dumped) by his girlfriend Bonnie Karrick and friend Dotty Weisman.
  10. “Doesn’t look like composite.”
  11. Case cleared
  12. “Very low priority. No reason to connect with any of these homicides. Cleared.”
  13. Through out: Subject is related to the GM/Fisher Body Fishers.
  14. Related to the late Senator Phillip Hart–his uncle. Attorney Briggs also related to Mrs. Hart.

From the MSP tip files on Fisher:

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