Is this anniversary closer to “justice”?

On this date, at this time, 44 years ago, my brother Tim was about two hours into what would be about a 147-hour ordeal before his body was found in a ditch in Livonia. I’m quite sure he realized at this early point that he was not going to make it back home. It was just a matter of how much he would have to endure before it was over. By the time the media reported he was missing, it was now completely evident that children in Oakland County were disposable, just like they were in the Cass Corridor of Detroit.

This is another anniversary of no answers, no justice and of covering up mis and malfeasance. With the vacuum created by the failure to work the case seriously in Oakland County or by the MSP, it’s hard to even know who to tell people to come forward to. But someone must come forward with information about these crimes and the reasons for the “failed” investigation and someone in authority needs to actually act on it. We owe it to the children who were victimized and some murdered by these deadly dangerous child rapists, murders, traffickers and producers of child porn to demand answers and demand conviction of anyone still living who participated or obstructed justice.

Here are two articles a reader sent me this morning. One is about the Oakland County sheriff’s office being part of a new transparency database/dashboard:

Sheriff Bouchard, I want you to know how ironic and laughable it is to me that your office is so concerned with transparency. Conspiring to hide potential FOIA documents is hardly transparent. Your co-conspirators should be reported to the Michigan State Bar.

The other article this morning is concerning Michigan FOIA laws. Michigan’s secretary of state is aiming to have Michigan join most of the rest of the country in expanding public information requests to the governor and legislature. Seems like a no-brainer. But why don’t you also use the chance to fine- tune FOIA and stop making it cost prohibitive to obtain records? I am going to pay over $500 for what is going to end up being probably 6 pages of heavily redacted documents. This was a very detailed request that is not going to cost $450 to locate and redact the documents. Almost 10 hours? Bullshit. It’s like going to the goddamn mechanic; it’s going to cost $500 just to pull into the garage. But it’s like getting your car back with the windows all blacked out. I have other outstanding FOIA requests that have estimated price tags of over $2,200 and $3,400. More on those later this week. You need to understand how these things work.

In January I spent almost $900 have 5,500 documents in this case scanned into searchable PDF format for an online OCCK document repository which is in the works. Marney Keenan spent at least that much as well.

I want someone to do their job in this and related unsolved child sex crimes. I am tired of blowing money trying to figure out WTF happened in this case and more importantly, in this investigation. I want someone in Oakland County to make this right and to act on behalf of Mark Stebbins, Jill Robinson, Kristine Mihelich, Tim King and all of the living victims of monsters who roamed and lived in your wealthy-ass county. You continue to make children disposable. Make it right and clean up your agencies. Never again.

Transparency. That’s a good one.

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