In other jurisdictions:

Here is a recent case demonstrating the relentless pursuit of the FBI in Georgia to protect vulnerable children and expose the threads of a complex child trafficking and porn case:

In the OCCK case or any related sex crimes against children from that era, if you contact the FBI you get SA Sean Callaghan from the Detroit office, who was an assistant prosecutor for the Oakland County Prosecutor’s office before he became an FBI agent. Yeah, that Sean Callaghan. And yeah, that OCP. See The Snow Killings: Inside the Oakland County Child Killer Investigation, by Marney Keenan, pages 142, 162, 163, 193, 220, 259, 260. No complex thread-pulling going on there. Put the tip in File 13.

Next we have a 72-year-old pedophile receiving an 80 year sentence in federal court in Florida for for producing and possessing images and videos depicting the sexual exploitation of children. The court did not fall for the “take pity on me I’m an old man” line that these types (especially priests) try to use. If anything, his age and his crimes demonstrate that these types never stop. It might take decades for them to get caught, but they never, ever stop. It could be your neighbor, your co-worker, your brother, your uncle, your father, your grandfather. If you don’t report, they will keep it up. Five decades from now, if unchecked, they will still be at it and you can now count yourself as an enabler. Eighty years sounds about right.

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