Why these sex offenders can NEVER be trusted

Just in case you want to make the argument that these men can be rehabilitated, check out what this registered sex offender just got busted for after serving a federal sentence for receiving child porn in 2011:


The press release doesn’t say if this man served the full seven years of his first federal sentence. This is what he was up to after he got out of the big house. Now he faces 25 to 50 years. It’s a good thing this is another federal charge. Less wiggle room for this freak.

If you’ve read my blog or any of the books written about the OCCK crimes, we all know, going back to Busch, Greene, Lamborgine, Lawson, Sloan, and many freaks before and after them, that nothing stops these men from victimizing children except life behind bars or a bullet. The same goes for the well-dressed, wealthy, “successful” variety of pedophile.

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