A picture is worth 1,000 words (*trigger warning).

I last wrote here on March 16. Now it is March 22, around the time my brother’s body was found. What did you do all week? Can you account for the hours since last Tuesday evening? Imagine if you were held captive this entire time. Held captive by people who wanted to hurt you in every way possible, scare you and humiliate you. Who probably told you if you just didn’t fight back you could go home. Who probably threatened you and your family many times during your captivity.

Picture where you will be in a little over a month from today. Will you be fully vaccinated? Will you be planning a trip? In about 32 days you will have passed the mark of total time that four Oakland County children spent in captivity. Forty-five years later, after the biggest manhunt of its kind at the time and after millions of dollars allegedly spent on the case, officials would have you believe they are no closer today than they were over four decades ago to “solving” these heinous crimes in one of the wealthiest counties in the country. Four homicides. Four abduction sites; four body dump sites. Four forensic examinations of these bodies that weighed less than some large dogs. But no evidence! Times were different! No usable DNA. Sorry, we just fucked up. At least only Oakland four kids died. Nothing to see here. We owe you no answers because there aren’t any.

Ask yourself how that can even be true? Ask yourself how everyone who really knows or even suspects what was going on in Oakland County back then and what happened in this case and in this investigation lived with themselves. Ask yourself why officials never answered questions in this case. The obvious answers should cause mild discomfort, if not great concern.

By the way, the Michigan State Police “tip line” is active again after a few months off. Maybe someone forgot to pay the phone bill. 833-784-9425. Now that almost everyone who participated (in the OCCK murders and related crimes) or fucked up is dead, why not make the call? It’s never too late. Is it?

When you don’t examine the past, it can happen again. NEVER AGAIN. Not the crimes, not this investigation.