Fuck Oakland County

On Thursday, my Dad would have turned 90. One of my younger brothers turns 60 a few days after that. They were going to have a 60/90 party. March is a rough month for my family, as Tim was abducted the day after my soon-to-be 60 brother turned 16. Tim’s body was dumped in Wayne County six very long days later, on March 22, 1977.

Watch this chapter of Decades of Deceit, which my Dad had to fucking commission and pay for himself to tell the story of betrayal by Oakland County. While the entire series was not uploaded to YouTube until April of 2020, these unedited comments were compiled and placed on DVD in April, May and July of 2013. Eight years ago.

Listen to my Dad detail how he tried to talk to these fucks in Oakland County (and in Genesee County) and got completely blown off, then and for the rest of his life. He does not name two Birmingham cops who lied their asses off to us, to our faces, over the years. Fuck you, too. I hope you enjoyed your long careers and are enjoying your pensions. “I don’t recall.” The hell you don’t. This is the most corrupt county in Michigan.

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