Report issued on U of M’s “Dr. Glove”: UM officials did not heed “credible reports” of abuse by Anderson

A 240-page report prepared by a law firm, commissioned and paid for by the University of Michigan, found more than two dozen university officials were given credible reports of sexually inappropriate behavior by former university Dr. Robert Anderson in the late 1970s and early 1980s. According to the findings, had those reports been heeded Anderson could have been stopped from abusing more students over two more decades.

Anderson is the former head of University Health Service, and later, team physician for UM Athletic Department who served from 1966 to 2003. He died in 2008.

Wonder what else this beloved “family man” was up to over the decades and who he associated with?

This “beloved” doctor’s abuse was so well known among the student athletes back then, he earned nicknames like “Dr. Drop Your Drawers” and “Dr. Glove.” Several students opted for self-treatment or to pay for treatments from other doctors out of pocket rather than let Dr. Anderson treat them. He allegedly also traded sexual favors for letters to Vietnam-era draft boards establishing men as homosexual, making them eligible for a draft deferment. A former U of M wrestler claimed to have reported to the director back then about being sexually assaulted by Dr. Anderson in 1975. He was allegedly kicked off the team after his report and lost his scholarship.

Last summer NFL pro and U of M alum Dwight Hicks came forward with his own allegations of being sexually abused by Dr. Anderson during routine physicals. Hicks, Chuck Christian, and Jon Vaughn are among the professional football players who accused Anderson of inappropriate behavior. At least one woman accused Anderson of sexual misconduct in 1995, but her case was dismissed at the time. Id.

Although the report does not estimate the number of victims, U of M is in mediation with 850 accusers. Here is yet another disgusting institution taking the calculated risk that this could all be kept quiet, the reputation of the university still bullet-proof, and their checkbook closed. This is another massive failure of morality and courage at yet another Michigan university. Meanwhile, there is no compensation large enough to address Anderson’s misconduct, which “led some athletes to quit their teams, prompted other students to question their sexuality, negatively impacted the academic performance of some students and forced others to leave the university, the report says.”

I’m getting weary of hearing family members of monsters, who have no idea WTF these men do behind closed doors and protected by their titles and by complicit enablers, talk up what great human beings they were. I think the report issued today puts that shit to rest.

Imagine if, at a university where in-state tuition averages $16,000 a year and out-of-state tuition averages $53,000 a year, one of these POS officials spoke up about and tried to prevent more victimization by a monster who was given decades on the university payroll to continue to sexually abuse students?

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  1. Someone not being paid by U of M needs to investigate this man’s very dark past. It probably extends well beyond the locker and exam rooms at U of M.

  2. And you wonder how many committed suicide ? What is wrong with Michigan ?

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