One thought on “Probe of sex abuse in Boy Scouts launched by Michigan attorney general”

  1. 95,000 claims – even with duplicated claims taken out and perhaps some bogus claims…. that is a number that makes my head explode but I don’t for one second doubt the them. In the small little Midwestern town I lived in, we had a BSA predator puke. Chuck Bickerstaff. He kept diaries of his escapades. He is in prison and has been for a long time. What kills me is that this article from his arrest in 2007 – 14 years ago states: We have a very progressive plan to attack the problem that involves educating Scouts, stringent criteria for leader selection, creating barriers for abuse and prompt reporting of suspected abuse.

    “We are serious about protecting children,” he said. “That’s our first priority.” That was 14 years ago.

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