Happy National Whistleblower Day; OCCKtruth@protonmail.com

Believe it or not, whistleblowing can happen at the state level, too. We know from sad experience that survivors of child sex and porn abusers who operated in Michigan in the 1970s and 1980s are not being listened to. We know that tips continue to go in the circular file in the OCCK investigation. And we have a pretty good idea of why that is the case.

If you have information about how the Oakland County Prosecutor’s office, the Oakland County Sheriff’s office or the Michigan State Police derailed this investigation and deceived the public as well as the victims’ family members in this case, consider coming clean.

You can send an encrypted email. It’s easy. First create a free encrypted email account with Proton. https://protonmail.com/. Your identity is protected. No personal information is required to set up your secure email account. Then send your information to Occktruth@protonmail.com. Digital stalkers will be blocked.

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