July 31

Today marks 14 years to the day I contacted Det./Sgt. Cory Williams at the Livonia Police Department concerning the information given to my by childhood friend and neighbor Patrick Coffey concerning admissions by Southfield polygraphist Larry Wasser concerning a man who was involved in killing my brother Tim.

Some five months later, after pulling teeth with Wasser, who first denied he ever had a conversation with Pat Coffey and then claimed not to remember being retained by attorney Jane Burgess to polygraph this fat, disgusting pedophile son of high paying client H. Lee Busch from GM hierarchy, we learned the client was Christoper Brian Busch. And that his birthday was July 31, 1951.

Det. Williams correctly observed that it was like the Universe was saying “Happy Birthday, motherfucker” to Chris Busch when I contacted Williams on July 31.

July 31. Happy Birthday, motherfucker.

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