“A massive institutional failure that occurred over the course of nearly four decades.”

Consider this piece about the WilmerHale report concerning U of M’s prolific predator, Dr. Robert Anderson which contains “more than enough evidence to determine that what occurred at the University of Michigan from 1966-2003 is the largest sexual abuse scandal in the history of college athletics”:


The report makes clear that the institutional failure of U of M resulted in many preventable sexual assaults and rapes by a physician employed to care for students. I believe a similar institutional failure, emanating directly from the office of the Oakland County Prosecutor and also continuing more than four decades, resulted in a preventable homicide (my brother) and the continuation of a prolific child sex and porn ring operating in Oakland County and therefore the continued sexual assault and rape of many child victims.

Where is a WilmerHale-type report on the OCP and complicit law enforcement in the OCCK and related child rape cases? The battle for transparency and accountability is always a fierce one, especially when it involves offenders, politicians and law enforcement with power. They can just bury mis and malfeasance, run out the clock and then, decades later, claim that no one is left alive who is guilty and just what the fuck do you want from us now? Truth and transparency, for starters. And exposure of those down the line over the decades who hid what their criminal predecessors did. You don’t get to decide what the greater good is here. You have already proven total incapacity for such decisions.

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