Happy National Whistleblower Day; OCCKtruth@protonmail.com

Believe it or not, whistleblowing can happen at the state level, too. We know from sad experience that survivors of child sex and porn abusers who operated in Michigan in the 1970s and 1980s are not being listened to. We know that tips continue to go in the circular file in the OCCK investigation. And we have a pretty good idea of why that is the case.

If you have information about how the Oakland County Prosecutor’s office, the Oakland County Sheriff’s office or the Michigan State Police derailed this investigation and deceived the public as well as the victims’ family members in this case, consider coming clean.

You can send an encrypted email. It’s easy. First create a free encrypted email account with Proton. https://protonmail.com/. Your identity is protected. No personal information is required to set up your secure email account. Then send your information to Occktruth@protonmail.com. Digital stalkers will be blocked.

8 thoughts on “Happy National Whistleblower Day; OCCKtruth@protonmail.com”

  1. I tried the MSP, and the only person I could get to listen to my story was you Catherine. Thank you for listening, and your concern.

    1. We have to stick together. Maybe when we put enough of this together we can make the case for meaningful reforms in the most corrupt state in the nation.

      1. Hey I just sent a letter to President Joe Biden, I decided to just go for it, I mean it will take a while before we get reply but I started it, I guess it made me mad enough to take the time to do it now, and now I can do follow up when I really got time to deal with it, I am praying something will be done we will just have to wait and see.

    2. Hey David and Cathy we are all in this together for justice I am serious when I say the President is the only one we can truly report this to, I am working on it I have had a horrible schedule for a few weeks as soon as it cools off and I have more time I am going to start top and work downward, I know we all were supposed to connect with each other as that must be the puzzle pieces that need to fit together before the whole picture is done, let’s all just remain strong that something has to come of this for all of us, and when I say us I mean who has been involved since 1977 and onward.
      I live in the south now and I love how they always say I appreciate you, well David I appreciate you, and Cathy I appreciate you.

    3. I was kidnapped in 1974 I barely made it through the ordeal if I didn’t threaten them telling them that my father would kill them and that he was in the mafia, I don’t think I’ll be alive today. We need to talk somehow please contact me. I accidentally came across my perpetrator who is a chiropractor in New Baltimore, he and his partner and also his wife held me against my will then left me on the side of the road.go to me and let me on the side of the freeway back in 1974. He’s in his late 70s or early 80s and has moved from around the country and when I googled the areas for missing children, their are many unsolved murders in those areas or within driving distance. I’ve contacted the police, Oakland county, map, Michigan DA and the news. Still no reply’s even with possible evidence. I really think these are the guys who killed them and put blame on someone else, like the mafia. I need help to convict these crazies.

  2. Cathy….just thinking. What if we all posted this on our Facebook or other social media pages, and then asked our ‘friends’’ to do so, too? That would amount to exponential increases in potential responders.

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