July 31

Today marks 14 years to the day I contacted Det./Sgt. Cory Williams at the Livonia Police Department concerning the information given to my by childhood friend and neighbor Patrick Coffey concerning admissions by Southfield polygraphist Larry Wasser concerning a man who was involved in killing my brother Tim.

Some five months later, after pulling teeth with Wasser, who first denied he ever had a conversation with Pat Coffey and then claimed not to remember being retained by attorney Jane Burgess to polygraph this fat, disgusting pedophile son of high paying client H. Lee Busch from GM hierarchy, we learned the client was Christoper Brian Busch. And that his birthday was July 31, 1951.

Det. Williams correctly observed that it was like the Universe was saying “Happy Birthday, motherfucker” to Chris Busch when I contacted Williams on July 31.

July 31. Happy Birthday, motherfucker.

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  1. I sure wish this would have came out different then a dead end. Although I believe Busch is tied to this crime someway, I also believe Hastings is as well. I believe that the truth to solving this crime lies on a DVD from Hastings polygraph tests where he convinced two professionals (polygrapher Duncan & his boss) in Georgia that he knew Busch and was involved with these crimes with absolute certainty, What was redacted out of the docs was how they reached these conclusions. If the MSP had any loyalty and dedication to finding the truth, they would reveal what these details are instead of burying them. Instead, the cover-up is so bluntly obvious by anyone that knows this case. There is a reason why the words were written so strongly as they were. The whole world should know about Hastings and the words from Duncan so they can inquire with the MSP over these matters and this cover-up.

  2. Thanks Cathy, I remember our phone call like it was yesterday!! That tub of lard would have been 70 today. He did Michigan a favor in 1978. Who knows how many victims would have suffered at the hands of the BUSCH family!!?
    I made it my mission to put as many of these pedophiles assholes behind bars as possible!!! Still working on that!! Never Surrender


    1. Thank you Cory for your diligence and hard work. Pedophiles are the worst of all criminals, and use those least likely to come forward because of the shame and confusion.

    2. Cory, thank you for your hard work and commitment and for suffering the gaslighting and bad treatment from others in law enforcement. Truly horrible and despicable. These have been the actions of spineless people too afraid of the truth and desperate enough to play the kind of games that should land some of these people in prison (or, for those who have left us, some form of Hell).

      From a reader: “I do not know what to say, when all hell broke loose with Patricks’ discovery, and the flood gate of information becoming known, it was like a ‘miracle’.

      What has happened since, of the roadblocks appearing; through gaslighting, derailed lab and polygraph tests, witnesses and suspects dying suspiciously, f.u. interrogations, ignoring new reports and evidence by witnesses, victims, etc….., is horrifying.”

      NEVER SURRENDER is right. Pedophiles (murdering pedophiles!) and the enablers, protectors and accomplices need to be exposed no matter how long ago these crimes took place. These are the worst of all criminals and the height of evil, no doubt about it. The depths some sank in order to protect these people and then over the years to cover up for the people who did the “protecting” is the lowest of the low.

      1. Cathy,
        There is a company called ECRI that produce software for geographic profiling
        Maybe we could see who is more likely to have been involved,especially considering the amount of data that can be supplied with pick up spots and drop off spots known as well as addresses of offenders,I know this is what law enforcement is supposed to be doing but I don’t think they care any longer.Maybe we could crowd source it?


        1. Great idea, Matt. The extensive geographic story map that is under construction (and accessible on my blog and Marney Keenan’s blog) is quite revealing. There are now quite a few dedicated and talented volunteers working on the document repository (slow going due to the need to carefully redact many victims’/survivors’ names). And viewing the story maps is quite a revelation. You are right. Law enforcement should have been doing this, specifically the MSP to whom places like the Oakland County Sheriff allegedly off-load everything (while telling the public they are hard at work). We have a few people putting heads together to address crowd sourcing, and other software ideas, so thank you again. There is even a genetic genealogist who has for over 14 months has reached out to the MSP to offer her services FOR FREE. What does that say when they won’t even go there? The MSP and OC have no shame. They just. Won’t. Go. There. For any reason, at any time. They much prefer the, “too bad, so sad, too many decades ago, too many people dead (lucky them)” narrative. I love how they turn it around so they are the victims here–victims of legitimate inquiry by people who have a right to know. Again I ask why the Cold War with victims’ families, the ignoring of tips from survivors of the child porn and sex ring operating in OC, the failure to think outside the box as Matt suggests? This case is NOT ACTIVE. You can call it “open” to cover your asses but no judge outside of OC would ever rule that this joke is an active investigation. If it is so active, why are volunteers stepping up to try to fill the void created when a case gets shut down because of corruption?

  3. I would like to thank you Cory and Cathy and her family for putting those animals away and making the world a safer place for all of our kids with those sickos off the streets! Who knows how many lives you’ve saved from being ruined or ended too soon? We know that some who are abused grow up to be abusers- so thank you for breaking that cycle. You deserve much more credit than you have received but you are all heros in my book!!

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