Bob, are you still out there?

Did Jessica Cooper just use what you said in a meeting with her to lock things down even further? Can you say “obstruction of justice”? Why did you disappear?

Did you know that then Chief Deputy to Cooper, Paul Walton, filed a lengthy grievance with the Michigan State Bar Association against attorney Paul Hughes for filing a lawsuit on behalf of Debbie Jarvis (Kristine’s mother) and that Hughes was required to file a lengthy response to that grievance? The court dismissed Mr. Hughes case but made no finding that the case was frivolously filed. I read Walton’s blustery and ridiculous grievance. Me thinks he doth protest too much.

On the other hand, my father’s grievance filed against Jessica Cooper for nakedly trying to jeopardize his law license based on false and unsupportable allegations that he breached grand jury secrecy rules–a ruse that OC Judge Martha Anderson played along with–was summarily rejected.

Oakland County. OC. Organized crime. Cesspool.

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  1. “Why did you disappear?”


    “Bob” was someone who believed he had information about a previously unidentified person-of-interest.

    From the AP, November 4, 2010:

    “On October 18th, 2010 at 9:40 AM a secret meeting took place at former Detroit Police Chief, Ike McKinnon’s office with Walton, McCabe, Corey Williams of the Associated Press, and a source with new information about this case. The meeting took place after McKinnon and Williams gave new information from the source to Cooper, Walton and McCabe. The unidentified source shared specific and detailed information about the case that is only known by a few investigators, and new information about a possible suspect and the suspects’ connection to police. The source relayed conversations and observations that took place with the possible suspect between 1977 and 1985 that connects the suspect and at least one police officer to the killings. The source and Williams each made a recording of this meeting because it is believed that there may be an ongoing cover up for at least one police officer that may have been involved with these killings.”

    So according to the AP, Cory Williams knows the identity of source “Bob.”

    Further from the AP article:

    “The source says this possible suspect had specific information about this case known only to a few investigators at the time and that he would boast about getting the information from investigators. The source told the prosecutor and investigator at the meeting that this person of interest claimed to have relationships with police in southern Michigan including officers from Troy , Ferndale , Redford and Detroit . This matches the thoughts of a former FBI profiler who reviewed this new information and believes someone in law enforcement may be involved in the Oakland County Child Killings.”

    If “Bob” was right, then his person-of-interest had some pretty powerful law enforcement connections. But note that “Bob” did NOT claim that his suspect was actually a law enforcement officer, merely that he knew an awful lot of cops. (An informant for various agencies, including possibly the feds?)

    “Bob” was pointing police investigators in that direction in 2010, and still trying to interest the media as late as 2012.

    If (IF) “Bob” was on the right track, then I can guess why no one has ever heard from “Bob” since.

  2. No kidding.

    To clarify, Corey Williams is an AP journalist. Cory Williams (no “e”) was the Wayne County investigator who worked on the OCCK case. I can assure you that Cory Williams (no “e”) was not invited to this secret sit-down between Corey Williams and these fucks. Cooper, Walton and Undersheriff McCabe (OC sheriff’s office) got this info, sat on it, and the Oakland County Sheriff tells me in response to a FOIA request they have no records concerning the OCCK case whatsoever. Talk to the MSP. No notes taken, Undersheriff? Send all that info right over to your pals at the MSP, right?

  3. Cathy;
    I have never thought too much of ‘Bob’ as I never found his discussions with the cops as very convincing. Debbie was sure convinced though as she spent hours talking to this guy on the phone. She was very convinced he had inside information on the case and insist that his identity was never revealed to her.

    Now days reading over this again, I wonder if the police officer that they described that may have been involved with the OCCK is none other than McNamee. You think there might be a possibility that is who they might have been referring to? Has there ever been much uncovered about him? Did he die around 1985 by any weird coincidence? Probably nothing to this but raising the question for discussion.

    1. McNamee died on June 13, 1996, in Newark, N.J., at age 66. Thanks for this question, Inquisitor. It raises a number of additional issues I will try to deal with this weekend.

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