Lansing Police officer and four other men arrested after sex sting operation. Cop and others trying to have sex with minors.

2 thoughts on “Lansing Police officer and four other men arrested after sex sting operation. Cop and others trying to have sex with minors.”

  1. So I am pretty sure that these freaks will say something like, “I was only doing it to see if a child could really meet an adult this way so I knew better how to protect my child, or neice, or nephew, I really was not doing anything wrong.”
    What will fricking Michigan say, “Well that is okay so sorry we offended you and violated your rights to be a perv searching for children remember we are the State that covers up and wipes slates clean for sex offenders, look how good we are at covering up look at the OCCK Case over 40 years cold case, it is okay pedafile, we will get you a good attorney that will understand how innocent you are.”
    This is what we will hear next oh this is a mistake and these guys are innocent, and how their fricking rights are violated.
    Michigan get off your ass and do what is right, I mean what would one of the husher ups do if it was one of their family members being molested as we speak, would they turn their eyes to that too, probablly so as we hear of how many children that knew a family member knew they were being molested and did nothing,
    I am so happy for all you husher uppers you can have your life with no concious of the precious children who were so violated, and no one to help them, I am so glad that these men have been arrested, now what about backing up to 1970 and getting all of them arrested too I mean how hard can it be the suspects are right in front of your faces. I am so sick of Michigan and their excuses, the days is coming you will all get what you deserve for what you have done Harray 4 pedafiles have been arrested now we all wait for the decades of men and women who should have been as well and you know got a break, Lmao seriously, too many cases today are being solved now from the 70’s we should be no different but we all still await when the state of Michigan is going to do right, tick-tock, tick-tock.
    Cathy great you brought this out, I just feel like more can still be done on our case so I feel pissed off more to know it can happen they can get caught, and do, I am hopeful to see the OCCK case solved to as you and many others.

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