Conduct that has been and is tolerated and covered up in Oakland County for more than four decades.

I am referring to the conduct of those charged with protecting society, not the Chris Buschs and Arch Sloans of the world.

Yesterday I posted the declaration of an anonymous source filed in support of a federal civil rights case by the mother of Kristine Mihelich. I started with this 2012 declaration because, as a reader pointed out, it is an excellent checklist of still unanswered questions in the OCCK case. It also names the names of some of the cast of characters who I believe are dirty in this and related cases. While I can see why a federal judge would not consider this declaration at all dispositive, it is a beautiful thing that this document is on file for posterity in a federal court docket. If you haven’t read it, go back and read it. Slowly. The entire thing.

This is the complaint, filed in federal court in the Eastern District of Michigan in April 2012. The annotations are mine.

The court deep-sixed the case, but imagine if there had finally been a prosecutor in Oakland County with a spine and some integrity, who had turned this case over to the Department of Justice without a murdered child’s mother having to file a federal lawsuit? A prosecutor who wasn’t afraid of L. Brooks Patterson (or the ghost of), Mike Bouchard/Mike McCabe, or the goons at the Michigan State Police, and who refused to participate in the ass-covering and civil suit prevention that has been going on in OC since at least 1977. A prosecutor who told these criminal civil servants to fucking get in line instead of crossing the line.

More later on the bullshit grievance filed with the Michigan State Bar by Paul Walton against the plaintiff’s attorney in this case and press coverage of the case and the dismissal of the case.

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  1. Forgive me but I have always believed that “BOB” is a bullshit artist. Any decent human being would have come forward with the evidence if he truly had anything.

    1. The guy always confused me because, yes, if he truly wanted to help he would have found a way. But he is not off-base about how dirty the Oakland County Prosecutors Office, the OC Sheriff and the MSP are in this and related cases. He clearly went to Debbie Jarvis for a reason and wanted information from her that must have concerned Kristine, as well as something from the prosecutor’s office. Why wouldn’t the prosecutor’s office give this guy the info? Why sit there in a gigantic ego-fest with the eye-rolling Paul Walton and Mike McCabe who were never going to do shit in this case except shut down discussion of any kind? Why wouldn’t the OCP ask the DOJ for an independent investigation? Why wouldn’t they hand over documents? What’s bullshit is the idea that the OCP or the OCS were doing jack shit in this case. They themselves had no “ongoing” investigation (witness Bouchard’s recent response to my FOIA request that they have NO records, maybe check with the MSP!). All they are doing is protecting Brooks Patterson and Richard Thompson. Bob could have been way off base on a lot of things, but his declaration makes some obvious accurate points about these fuckers, the reasons the investigation was intentionally stalled out, and the treatment of the victims’ families. Points that no one at the time was making and that most are still too blind to see or acknowledge. And did you ever think about how come OC never solved other child murders? Just fucking walked away. What the hell?

    2. Looking back on it, this so called ‘Bob’ was nothing but a bullshit artist. What I remember of it, he made claims like the OCCK was behind some type of witchcraft worshiping or the such as a motive. The kids were sacrificed around full moons or something similar calendar base from what I remember as bizarre as it sounds. I couldn’t believe that anyone would spend their time even talking to this ‘Bob’ guy. It sounded all made up and I remember people that really followed that witchcraft stuff was claiming he didn’t even have his facts straight on that as the dates did not line up exactly as he claimed. When it comes to legal matters I never understood things and still don’t. After this was all over though and things were settled some like a year later, I had a rare opportunity to have a brief discussion once with Debbie and once with her attorney over this. They both insist that the lawsuit was not over money but was just to try to get this OCCK under someone else that may try to do something with it. They described how DOJ could take over it overriding even the FBI. Wishful thinking I guess but if this was really their goal it had some merit. I told Debbie also that I heard some of ‘Bob’ interview with the authorities when it was available online and I didn’t think he was convincing at all of knowing anything. Her response was you would had to been there to really understand. Evidently they talked for hours over the phone for months beforehand and she was convinced he had inside information on the case. I always thought the lawsuit did more damage than any good because of it being behind this ‘Bob’ character and when he was suppose to reveal himself, he went running away and disappeared. Or at least supposedly.

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  3. I don’t know if any comments are getting through but try to find Sara Ruth ashcraft, roeper school, Tom hanks. Also Epstein was hired by bthe father of Bill Barr (trump’s attorney general) to work as a teacher at a nyc school I cannot recall the name of right now. Someone on Twitter mentioned all the symbolism in the school to those at Epstein island.

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