A number of readers have sent me questions lately (lots of questions) and I want to point out that the best way to find something on my blog is to Google catherinebroad and [fill in the blank]. For example, if you Google catherinebroad and General Motors or GM, you will be directed not only to pages from my blog, but other relevant entries concerning, for example, H. Lee Busch, General Motors and the OCCK case, from other sources.

Hardworking volunteers are working on another website about this case which will be searchable. It is tedious work, and will contain thousands of searchable PDFs. This raw, searchable, browsable data base is in progress. Until then, you are stuck using a Google search to find what you are looking for on my blog. I should have done a better job tagging posts, but I didn’t.

If you can’t open a link to a news article (usually because you have used up your free article quota for that publication or it is “subscriber only”), just Google some of the relevant information and there may be another source you can access to get the gist. For example, if you can’t open a Detroit Free Press link about a pedophile priest, Google Gary Berthiaume and arraignment. No, I won’t scan the article and email it to you. And I won’t do your homework for you, either.

Please send emails concerning this case to That is the only email address I will regularly check for correspondence concerning this case. Thanks.

6 thoughts on “Housekeeping.”

  1. I have an idea, see if you are allowed use some of the millions provided to the OCCK task force,
    There should be plenty left over(no arrests) for a new website and dozens of staff.


    1. But you are forgetting money spent that was probably used to pay people off and such. That can get expensive!

  2. I just don’t get how this Hastings polygraph will go on ignored. This needs to be addressed. The steps need to be taken. I think Nessel is too young to focus or even take actions regarding this case. I almost feel like Corey needs to pursue the next steps regarding John boy. BEFORE HE HAS A HEART ATTACK or a STROKE

  3. I understand you get bombarded with questions and inquiries. Thank you for the time and effort you put into this. I really appreciate the time you have given to me with my inquires. I know you are very busy and appreciate your time and concern regarding my encounter with Frank Sheldon

  4. JN, I hope you were referring to John Hastings & not me about a heart attack or stroke!!?? Joking!!

    I want to pass along that I met with the Undersheriff & his command staff today at the Kalamazoo Sheriffs Dept. & presented a check from our foundation to the widow of the their fallen deputy, shot & killed 12 days ago in the line of duty!! Deputy Ryan J. Proxmire. He leaves behind a wife & 4 children. During these times of calls to defund the police, courageous officers like Deputy Proxmire continue to do their duty to keep us safe!!
    Our foundation supports financially the families of the brave men & women who make the ultimate sacrifice to keep us all safe!

    Please check us out on line at:
    If you can, please click donate!! Thank you.



    Cory M. Williams
    Robert J. Turner Foundation

    1. Cory, most definitely referring to John boy. From my understanding he’s had some major health issues over the past few years.

      I am curious though. Did you discredit Hastings because of the lies Helen told? I know you weren’t informed about Hastings polygraph reading from 2009. I don’t understand how these readings can be blown off like he passed the polygraph. There’s just too many coincidences revolving around this guy. There’s not one suspect that matches those composites at Timmys abduction like Hastings. No one comes close. I would think that Doug Wilson’s account of that evening would be VERY important.

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