A rescue in one part of the country and an endurance protest seeking an honest conversation in another.

Last week a 16-year-old girl was rescued from her 61-year-old kidnapper when she used a distress hand signal and an observant motorist called 911.


Unlike other criminals, pedophiles and other sex criminals do not “age out” of these crimes. This is why “no deals” should mean NO DEALS, Richard Thompson. This particular freak is 61 years old. Take a look at this POS: https://lawandcrime.com/crime/tiktok-distress-signal-from-teen-girl-on-kentucky-interstate-led-to-arrest-of-61-year-old-man-who-kidnapped-her-sheriff/. What do you think this guy will do if he is released from jail or prison? Volunteer at the food bank? Become a museum docent? Coach girls soccer?

In other news, here is an article written about the ongoing protest outside of University of Michigan President Mark Schlissel’s house in response to the University’s handling of nearly 1,000 sexual assault allegations against the late U of M athletic doctor, Robert Anderson.

Schlissel has allegedly “indirectly” apologized at Regent’s meetings and to the press. Anytime you hear a line like this one from a press release: “President Mark Schlissel and members of the Board of Regents have repeatedly apologized to all of those who were subjected to abuse by the late Robert Anderson,” you know they are full of shit. The survivors want a formal conversation with these highly-paid issue-dodgers and a direct, face-to-face apology. The survivors want to be heard. The Regents can say they are listening carefully until they are blue in the face (pun intended), but their actions say otherwise. Whatever they are “repeatedly” doing, it is obviously not good enough. Grow a spine and address this mess Anderson and Bo left behind for y’all to get stuck with. Somebody eventually gets stuck at these institutions or agencies, even if the people with dirty hands have already left this earth with shit seemingly locked down and reputation intact. That’s how it works with sex crimes. They can be committed because of a power imbalance and hidden for the same reason. If the Regents want to hide behind the mediation process excuse, I hope the settlement multiplies to reflect the continuation of decades of bad faith. Go Blue.

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