Day: November 19, 2021

  • Procession

    The documentary Procession examines sexual abuse by predatory Roman Catholic priests and their complicit enablers in a very profound way. It began streaming on Netflix today. The documentary “is a collaboration made with six men who work together to find the truth and healing they ought to have been afforded by the church.” […]

  • Cold Case Consultants of America Compiles Largest Known Database of Letters by Serial Killers Dating Back to 1944 The Michigan State Police denied this group’s relatively recent FOIA request for a copy of the “Allen” letter in the OCCK case, as well as the brief phone message allegedly left by “Allen” on the answering machine of Dr. Bruce Danto on April 10, 1977 at 2 p.m. Of course the MSP claimed “open […]

  • “Inappropriate.”

    Another judge cut from the Brett Kavanaugh, Truman A. Morrison III ( and Aaron Persky ( varieties of cloth: Another judge who minimizes, denies or scoffs at sex crimes, especially those committed by wealthy white men/boys. Welcome to the club, Matthew J. Murphy III. I can’t believe the ranks continue to increase, but here […]