Woman recalls sex abuse by Maxwell, Epstein when she was 14 | Miami Herald

On day two of the Ghislaine Maxwell trial, a woman gave emotional testimony about being sexually abused by Maxwell and Jeffrey Epstein when she was 14.
— Read on www.miamiherald.com/news/local/crime/article256219157.html

Interlochen Center for the Arts. Go figure.

Podcast and Audio Long Read

Listen to journalist and author Marney Keenan discuss the OCCK case on the William Ramsey Investigates Podcast (11/28/21):


Here is something else to ponder; an audio long read about how two BBC journalists risked their careers to reveal the truth about Jimmy Savile, a British media personality, entertainer, philanthropist and crown prince of children’s charities and causes. He was also a prolific sexual predator and long time predatory pedophile.


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