Imagine the damage this defendant did during the two years he was able to evade being arrested on child porn charges due to his “special connection” to Louisiana Attorney General Jeff Landry:

A former prosecutor from Landry’s office resigned in April during an ongoing probe of multiple instances of wrongdoing by the AG’s office and filed suit, alleging retaliation and specifically mentioning the two-year gap between an arrest warrant being issued on child porn charges against Gregory V. Campo and the actual arrest. The lawsuit alleges that this delay was due to Campo’s family’s “personal connection to Mr. Landry . . . such that Mr. Landry did not want [Campo] prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.”

Not to be outdone, Landry held a press conference, flanked by four female employees, to complain about media coverage of the case and launch accusations at the whistle-blower who was a former prosecutor in his office.

Landry is taking a page from the Ultimate Asshole Handbook, the same one written by L. Brooks Patterson. Cut deals for the wealthy, bully and/or lie to the press, retaliate against anyone who tries to do the right thing, and demand shows of loyalty like forcing female employees to be headliners at a press conference addressing, among other things, sexual harassment in your agency. Disgusting.

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Editor’s Note: Some details in this story are disturbing. CLEVELAND, Ohio (WJW) – A federal judge sentenced a priest with the Cleveland Catholic Diocese to life in prison Tuesday after he was previously convicted of sex trafficking and child pornography. Robert McWilliams pleaded guilty to child sex charges in July. According to court documents, McWilliams preyed on minor victims, […]
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