Cold Case Consultants of America Compiles Largest Known Database of Letters by Serial Killers Dating Back to 1944

The Michigan State Police denied this group’s relatively recent FOIA request for a copy of the “Allen” letter in the OCCK case, as well as the brief phone message allegedly left by “Allen” on the answering machine of Dr. Bruce Danto on April 10, 1977 at 2 p.m. Of course the MSP claimed “open investigation,” which is utter nonsense because there is nothing active about this investigation. They denied the production of the audio tape despite the fact that this minute-long message was played on the Sonya Friedman radio show on WXYZ (metro-Detroit), which aired twice on May 16, 1979.

The actual Zodiac killer letters were released and shown to the public. The substance of the “Allen” letter was reported on in the press in the spring of 1977, but the letter itself was never photographed or copied for the press so the public could look at the handwriting. Friedman was airing the phone message in an attempt to ask for the public’s help in recognizing the caller. Task force commander Robert Robertson complained to the press on May 16, 1979, that this was all “really old hat.” He further whined that: “They’re rehashing it. First of all, you have no idea that it’s a legitimate letter. One can only assume the tape and letter came from the same person. We don’t know the value of it [the tape] . . . Most of [the tape] you can’t understand anyway.”

The next day, Robertson said airing the tip was worth a try, but went on to opine that “I personally support the theory that he isn’t around here anymore, but that doesn’t mean his grandmother doesn’t know that he is the killer.” Friedman explained that she and Robertson were hoping “to bring the case to a state of rest. Even if the person is dead, we should know or there will never be a psychological closure to this thing.”

You would think the state police, who have made virtually no progress whatsoever in this case in some 45 years, would welcome any help or observations they could get. Nope. They just double-down. It’s what they do best; that’s the legacy of Robert Robertson and Joe Krease.

4 thoughts on “Cold Case Consultants of America Compiles Largest Known Database of Letters by Serial Killers Dating Back to 1944”

  1. 62 year old cold case of Candy Rogers a nine year old girl who was murdered in1959 has been solved.Maybe contact Spokane police they know how to do their job.


    1. Since neither the complete original letter nor the tape have ever seen the light of day, we can conclude “ Allen” had some connection to the case.
      Robertson was clearly hinting at Chris Busch, even though nobody outside of law enforcement would hear of Busch for another thirty years!
      “Allen” wasn’t describing Busch though.
      But “Allen” knew something about someone in the ring, so any public airing of “Allen’s” tape or letter might have led to the ring.
      Something the powers that be were seeking to avoid.

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