Another Hoffa dig.

No one touches the OCCK case, yet it is once again time to conduct a dig for the remains of convicted felon Jimmy Hoffa, this time under the Pulaski Skyway in New Jersey. Hoffa was last seen at the Machus Red Fox restaurant in Bloomfield Township on July 30, 1975. Hoffa’s disappearance, a high-profile, unsolved crime, took place under the reign of prosecutor L. Brooks Patterson and his bag man, Richard Thompson. The OCCK, another high-profile, unsolved crime, also took place during the reign of these two “law and order” (when it worked for them) men.

For less than the cost of obtaining a search warrant and a multi-day, radar site survey and ultimately a dig, somebody in the FBI (or some other agency, just not the MSP!) could speak (for starters) to the following still-living people to get to the bottom of the public corruption that took place in the OCCK case: Richard Thompson, Edward Sosnick, Wayne Chapman, Judith Fullerton, Jessica Cooper, Paul Walton, Mike Bouchard and Gary Miller. Then, if they want to attempt to actually get answers concerning the abductions and murders, they can lean hard on Vince Gunnels, John Hastings, Larry Wasser and Charles Busch. No more softball.

This latest Hoffa dig is based on a deathbed confession, the kind of confession a few people in Oakland County hope never happens in the OCCK case. You aren’t home free, yet. Only your pals who predeceased you are.

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  1. I keep wondering about CFO HL Busch. The pressure to protect his son would obviously have been primarily about protecting his own reputation – but wouldn’t it have been about GM’s reputation as well, during a financially vulnerable time, when, among other things, defective Vega cars were rolling off the conveyor belts and the workers who were alleged to have intentionally caused these defects as a protest to being overworked in GM’s major efforts to speed up and further automate production? There was also Delorean, the creator (if I understand correctly) of the Vega, who in ’73 started his own company.

    Hoffa, however strictly unrelated, would seem to point to a well-oiled system of political corruption in the region, a corruption which would have inevitably extended into law enforcement, with the placement and nurturance of key individuals there.

    It seems unlikely, if not impossible, to me that the corruption which existed around GM issues wouldn’t have been clocking in on the OCCK as well. So much of the corruption we’ve seen over the last decade or so has to do with legacies, which would seem to give real historical merit to the idea of institutionalized corruption.

    1. Yes. And of course Chris Busch drove a blue Vega with a white hockey stripe. Of course he did. GM must have loved that woman’s description of an AMC Gremlin in connection with Tim’s case. AMC, as in “not GM.” For their own part, I’m sure Patterson and Thompson dug that, too. And add in the child sex/porn ring that was operating with numerous GM employees at various levels of the food chain (complete with photographer), and there was a lot to sweep under the assembly line. Oakland County was/is mobbed up, too, and some of these guys liked to donate to candidates for prosecutor, among other offices. Legacies. Fuck these people.

  2. So many unanswered questions that could get us a step closer. For [1] was Hastings a patient of Dr.Bruce Danto? We know Danto worked at the institution in Novi where coincidentally sister Mary happened to work. [2] did Hastings and Gunnels know each other? I know it wouldn’t mean anything if they did . [3] if John boy didn’t have a car back then, how did he get to his job at BIFFS back then? Hitch hike? [4] what made Duncan think Johnny was involved in the murders? What did he say to make him think this? We know he denied ever knowing Grizzly Adams. That’s not to far fetched to believe right? Same age , both cooks, lived two streets from each other and didn’t know each other. SURE THATS POSSIBLE. Just like it’s possible that Elvis Presley is alive living in Sarasota Florida

    1. Read the FOIA documents and the newspaper articles concerning then assistant prosecutor Sosnick’s involvement in the Kristine Mihelich case. When do APAs “take over” or “handle” autopsies?

      1. And ask yourself why the carefully curated/illegally redacted documents Jessica Cooper provided to Kevin Dietz and the Detroit Free Press (and later had to hand over to my dad) contain file materials from Mark, Jill and Tim’s cases, but not Kristine’s.

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