Extremely eye-opening and disturbing.

FOIA documents to follow. Eye-opening, heart-breaking, would have helped FFS, since the police weren’t going to do anything with this withheld and conflicting info. Please comment here, rather than sending me an email. I will never be able to keep up and if you comment here, others can weigh in. Don’t run it through me, comment on the blog. I have seen enough to know that eyes on these documents will help. There is just so much that was twisted, withheld and missed. Right here for your eyes.

In the order received. If you want an orderly presentation, it won’t happen in a FOIA response, certainly not in this case. Files in the Robinson, Mihelich, Stebbins and King cases–in that order. More to follow.

Remember, appears in the order I received. Comment here not to me via email. And, IANYS–I am not your secretary. Finally–a warning–disturbing content from start to finish.

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  1. A chill ran up my spine when I read Ray Anger and James Cox (who Sadecki, per Marney’s book, says he saw Kristine leave 7-11 with) were interviewing a babysitter and siblings at the Mihelich house only a few hours after she disappeared.

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