Leaving aside the content of these files, even after almost 45 years, it still sometimes shocks me to see a caption TIMOTHY KING HOMICIDE.

To be continued.

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  1. My heart goes out to you and your family Cathy. Who could ever completely process such a horrible crime. It’s a testament to your family’s love and closeness that even after all these years you still fight for your baby brother. I know he and your parents must be looking down on you with so much pride.

  2. Reading through the interviews with your family, this is exactly how my family lived at the time – I was the second youngest of 7 – just about Tims age back then. It was always -kids in and out grabbing athletic equip if s quick bite and heading back out somebody at basketball or swim practice , somebody in a play, babysitting for neighbor families -my older siblings in late teens asking to go out to concerts, staying out late , having jobs and oh If the older kids are busy , can one of your younger kids baby sit lol – Dad working a ton, Mom keeping the balls in the air, knowing where everyone was supposed to be it was organized chaos . Mom and Dad trying to grab a dinner together when they could. And the community was safe enough for an 11 year old to learn the independence that they should , I remember my Dad saying- ‘they have to learn street smarts’. My dearest hope is that your parents and family never ever for a second blamed or questioned themselves. You were an all American awesome family. I’m sure Tim was thrilled to have some independence- to go get his own gum and candy bar and come home snd have the house to himself – I sure would’ve been because it was never empty and never quiet. Those were days when we could get that thrill of age appropriate independence abd it was just an awesome and fun way to live – until it wasn’t allowed anymore. When I allowed my then 8th graded snd her two friend to ride bikes the less than half mile to the CVS ( making sure they had phones etc) store – the other Moms thought I was crazy for being so unsafe. These crimes did SO much damage- to the families first, of course but to the community at large and all kids at that time and kids for generations to come.

  3. Something was bothering me about the autopsy for Mark,
    The ME or Coroner stated that mark had “deer like hoof prints” on his head
    I kept wondering what could have caused that,besides of course being kept in the trunk of a car with a dead deer,

    A shotgun butt plate or recoil plate can leave very similar marks if plate is recessed or is removed
    I can’t attach pictures but a google image search should show up what I’m talking about,pay attention to the upper portion of the butt stock and it should make sense I hope.


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