Before I post more documents, I repeat it again–this case and the investigations literally shock the conscience. At almost every page there is something that is appalling on its face or appalling for the failures, the lack, and in the end, the ultimate deception. If you have made it through the most recent posts you have a real sense of how ignorant, self-serving men put their spin and narrative on these most heinous crimes. The woman who tells police she saw my brother standing next to what she thinks was a blue Gremlin (and maybe it was) turns into “we are looking for a man driving a blue Gremlin.” (Better an AMC ride than a GM ride, right Motown?). A “vicious sexual assault” turns into a molestation. (Don’t panic the Oakland County constituents who think because they live north of 8 Mile, nothing bad will befall them.)

It is like getting clocked with a 2 x 4. The dynamic duo of Berkley cops Ray Anger and Jim Cox showing up early in the Mihelich investigation. The same two cops who give a little kid the beat down for trying to tell the task force he saw Kristine leaving the 7-11 parking lot with a cop. And then, voila–a witness appears saying he saw Kristine walking down the road from 7-11. Did you know the witness was a real punk-ass kid, not some observant adult? I think this great witness all the police love to use to refute the claims of the younger witness was a young teen (at most) and was known to be less than reliable among some neighbors. Yet police love to trot out that statement any time Kristine’s abduction is mentioned.

Mark Wayno, a friend and neighbor of Mark, is one of the pall bearers for his funeral. The kid who, even after two more kids get murdered within a 10-mile radius, allegedly ran away from home and spent two nights in a shopping mall before returning home.

That was the week that Greg Greene, Chris Busch, and representatives of the Oakland County prosecutor’s office were convening a polygraph-fest in Flint. Sadly, it looks like Mark passed away six months ago at age 57. If the story was anything more nefarious, I am quite sure he would have been threatened with death if he told anyone.

Then there are the now very obvious weasel words Paul Walton used in his 2012 response to a FOIA request made by the Detroit Free Press. Words like “currently in the possession of the Oakland County Prosecutor’s Office,” and “[t]hese are the only autopsy reports in the possession of the Oakland County Prosecutor’s Office” (meaning not Kristine’s information). We now know that Cooper and Walton offloaded a bunch of OCCK files to Sheriff Mike Bouchard, to shield them from any future more successful FOIA challenges. And, we know that a good reason Kristine’s file was “missing” was because it contained, among other disturbing entries, this transcript of Dr. Robert Sillery’s dog and pony show designed to walk back his initial report of semen and propose this interesting possibility of how that darn sperm ended up where it did:

(February 3, 1977–the date of the dog and pony show, puts this bullshit discourse on the heels of Greg Greene’s final polygraph on February 1 and Chris Busch being back on the streets after that major hassle at the Flint PD. Patterson knew he had to control the narrative and keep his constituents from asking too many questions or expecting too much, circumstances being what they were and all. Patterson certainly could not have his constituents knowing the real story of what was happening under his watch. Sillery would play ball–you know he would. See

Walton also claims to provide the copy of the Oakland County’s file on Chris Busch’s CSC charges–no mention of exemptions or omissions–yet he does not include the page showing who signed out this file to take a gander at it, and when:

I expect to have to think like a snake when dealing with a guy like private polygrapher Larry Wasser. But having to think like a snake when dealing with a prosecutor–that took some getting used to. But trust me, I am long there, and Walton and Cooper merely fell into the pattern established in this case in January 1977 by L. Brooks Patterson and Richard Thompson. And I am certainly not the only person who thinks Patterson was dirty.

When I say “think like a snake,” I mean, when you filed a FOIA request with Cooper’s office, you had to figure she would offload documents and file the request with the sheriff’s office, too. But, despite the fact that these documents (some still to be posted) reflect active participation by the sheriff’s office post-2015, including shit on their letterhead, they responded to my FOIA request of a few months ago that they had NO RECORDS in the OCCK case and go try the MSP (right). Maybe Sheriff Bouchard uses a shredder rather than a file cabinet or cloud storage for all things OCCK.

Read these case documents and think about how quickly the OCCK case was shelved, the bullshit excuses, the “no leads,” the “no evidence!,” and ask yourself how some of these people live(d) with themselves. They knew these four kids were betrayed by not only their captors. They knew there would not be justice for these kids. And they betrayed the victims and the community yet again when this name, Christopher Busch finally became known by the public after more than three decades in police and prosecutor files, and the office of Cooper and Walton took active steps to derail the investigation yet again. And those of you who knew back then watched it all happen again, on steroids, as families and friends of the victims realized in 2007 that something had gone very wrong the last week of January 1977 and that all energy was used by those at the top to make this case go away for good, not to ever solve it. This treachery has stood firm since 1977, despite the efforts of Cory Williams and Wayne County. A pox on all of you who participated in the treachery, then and now.

Before I move on to post the documents from the file TIM KING, which merits some additional commentary (like, who lived at 3340 Bloomcrest Drive, Bloomfield Hills, near the intersection of Squirrel Road and Long Lake, in 1977?), I will close with this piece of writing a friend sent me about betrayal. Better writer than me, by a mile, and much smarter. I would attribute, but they would not want to be named. It is relevant enough to the treatment of the OCCK victim’s families in this case:

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  1. I’m so confused. The initial swabs of Kristine (I think from Charlotte?) showed 0 sperm found for Kristine based on swabs taken. However, after reading the documents, Sillery found it in 2 places for Kristine and also in Mark. Was there sperm or was there not sperm, and where is the DNA results for this sperm? The only DNA I have seen has all been from hair.

    • Yes, it is so crazy to have such conflicting results. I know there are many people who follow this case, myself included, who take the position that is is very doubtful that KM was held for 19 days and no molestation took place.
      Besides the corruption it’s evident early on that Law Enforcement was over their head and there were way too many “cooks in the kitchen.”
      (By the way what was in Cory’s cup during the last Library Chat? He said Sheldon fled in ‘78 and died in 76) 🤷

    • Sillery was a corrupt liar and purposely evasive about this evidence, I believe at the insistence of prosecutor LB Patterson. To see what fucking liars Jessica Cooper, Paul Walton and the MSP were about evidence in this case in more recent times, see pages 185 and 186 of Marney Keenan’s book, The Snow Killings.

      See also, page 240: “Using new and highly sensitive DNA software, the scientists were able to identify a partial Y-str profile” from Kristine’s vaginal swab. While this Y-str profile was only a partial male profile, “the MSP scientists did say it had enough markers to exclude or not exclude suspects.” As Keenan describes, Cory Williams submitted more than 60 DNA samples from all suspects that had been swabbed in this case. As of July 2020, most of the suspects had been eliminated.

      ALL OF THE EVIDENCE IN THE OCCK CASES NEEDS TO BE RERUN BY A LAB LIKE OTHRAM LABS. Othram uses a very sophisticated system for testing DNA samples, some that would normally be untestable — either because they are too small or contaminated. In the case of a recently solved 40-year-old cold case murder in Texas, the sample was both. It came from the victim’s bra strap.

      Othram was able to come up with a complete male profile. They also did the genealogical mapping of the sample. Detectives were then able to find the man who ended up being the murderer– still living in the same Texas city where the crime took place.

      The state police have thrown up all kinds of excuses–too expensive!, it might be the DNA of an ambulance attendant or morgue worker, we don’t use third-party labs. One, cities like Fort Worth paid for this kind of testing. If you can’t or won’t spend the time and resources, quit taking over cases in Michigan. Two, DNA from personnel dealing with the bodies or the evidence would be easy enough to figure out and exclude. Three, you better start using third-party labs, or your case backlog is going to continue to grow like weeds while other agencies around the country continue to “get their man” and solve very cold cases. You aren’t rerunning the evidence with a lab like Othram because you don’t want to know the answer(s). In a heinous case like the OCCK, committed by remorseless, evil people, explain to me why you are not doing everything you can to get answers. Oh, never mind.

      • What a crock of fucking shit it’s too expensive for tools to look into DNA. There shouldn’t be a price concerning this case. They should pull out all means to solve this damn case. I STILL CANT BELIEVE COLD JUSTICE WONT HAVE THIS CASE ON THEIR PROGRAM. They could hunt down Duncan and Hastings to get answers. They could hunt down Gunnels. It’s mind boggling how law enforcement and the media have ignored one of the most prominent cold cases in the history of our nation. Some may think this is an exaggeration, if they knew the case they would know it’s far from an exaggeration.

        • Right on, JN. Before recent forensic advancements, they wanted this to be a DNA-only case. Now they walk that back. It is so obvious what is going on here. Truly heinous crimes and truly heinous actions by public officials and those charged with “public safety.” No exaggeration. It is off-the-charts bad.

      • So previously I always thought that Sillery was just incompetent (which may still be the case) and made up the semen/Kristine story. So they did have male DNA found for her? I still don’t get how since the other physical evidence doesn’t seem to indicate any sexual abuse. But since they suspect that Mark and Tim may have been post-mortem (and possibly with a foreign object), would this possibly indicate that this person liked to torture boys and girls equally? I know previously nobody could figure out why they kidnapped the girls.

        Still curious about the sample found in Mark’s throat. Where is all this DNA??? Is there a lawyer that would take this case on as “malpractice” of LE? Can the Justice Dept be involved? I don’t know how all of this works.

        If I were in charge, I would do the following:
        1. Obviously spare no expense to get all DNA tested using state of the art equipment/registries/etc.

        2. Go back to Arch Sloan. Everything hung on that DNA that was found in the car, on Mark and on Tim. However, again, that hair is such a match to Ruth/Mark that I think it is a red herring. Since that hair ‘discluded’ Arch, I would be including him and revisiting him as a suspect.

        3. Track down Gunnels. There has to be a way to get him to talk, and I don’t buy the ‘oh I have taken so many drugs I don’t remember’.

        4. Bother Ted L every single day and tell him that God doesn’t like liars

        5. Interrogate the hell out of Hastings. If he was able to blather on and on to Helen, there must be a way to get him to talk.

        6. Re-involve Doug Wilson, Bowman (and anyone that has ever seen Greene/Busch/Gunnels), and any LE that might be getting old/sick that may want to clear their conscience.

        7. Might even consider looking into Wally Dagner. It is quite a coincidence that Helen stumbled across Hastings, Wally too had a ‘suicide’ (gunshot to the chest) and was also up in the Alpena area. I’ve always wondered if Hastings sought Helen out because he knew Wally. (I know this is going out on a limb.) We know these bastards all spent a lot of time up north during the time of the murders, and Wally was a police officer.

        I’m sure there is more, but that is just off the top of my head.

        • KP, I like the way you think. Extreme times demand extreme measures. It’s a good think I’m not king because believe me bald ass Lambo May say God forgives him, but daily beatings will set him free. Gunnels amnesia will suddenly be cured. Hastings would get another polygraph with shock treatment with every lie. Bottom line, these guys are lucky they are not in Russia or China. They would definitely be talking. No matter what, they can hide here all they want, but when it’s there time to stand in front of the Lord, there won’t be any hiding .

        • KP;
          What I read of Hastings in your post you seem to be turning around some. Welcome on board. The way Hastings talked to Helen for hours you better believe it he knows and lived thru something related to this. Alpena was also where Mr. Sloan hung out some although not as heavily known. It was a different time altogether then OCCK events or when Hastings was in town though. Although Helen tried so hard to make a connection to Sloan, she could not make any connection or any memories of him being in town. Seems like she wasn’t always making up stories like some want to believe.

          • Inquisitor, I am not turning around, I always took Hastings seriously as a suspect, but I never viewed him as the only suspect. I read all of Helen’s posts way back when she writing about Hastings years ago and was always convinced he was somehow involved. I’ve been wanting someone to get down to Georgia ASAP to re-interrogate him before he dies. I’m not sure why you’ve continued to think I have been protecting Hastings or whatever. I will say that he doesn’t come across as smart enough to do this all on his own and I’m not convinced he’s the ringleader. But my opinion doesn’t matter. What does matter is finding someone in LE that is ethical and will pursue all these obvious leads.

            • I’m not sure why you would think John boy wouldn’t be smart enough . Actually , he’s the most intelligent of all the suspects. He went to Birmingham brother rice and has some college education . He’s had decent jobs in his past. A very artistic guy. A conniving manipulator personality, with a touch of narcissism to add . I’ve always thought it was him that was seen talking to Tim King at Hunter Maple. Every piece that was witnessed by Doug Wilson is John Hastings. Even the tan sports jacket fits Hastings persona. I can’t picture TOW truck driving Arch wearing a sports jacket. I can’t picture bald as a bat auto working Lamborghine wearing one. Granted , it could be another player that’s never been mentioned; however, let’s exonerate Haystack first. Before his arteries clog.

              • The reason I don’t think Hastings is the mastermind is that people seem to be very afraid to give up info. Look at Ted L- he wouldn’t even talk when offered better accommodations in prison. I can’t see him being afraid of Hastings. (TL was known to wear wigs, so a sportscoat wouldn’t be out of the question for him.) I also don’t think someone who is overly clever would be talking about all of his killings in a public restaurant. He seemed to freak out during all the polys, he just doesn’t seem like a conniving mastermind with all kinds of power to me. Obviously a manipulator, and I think he was involved, but not the sole killer.

                I’m guessing Gunnels was the lure for all of them- I was the same age as the victims and lived close to Mark, so I was very aware of the OCCK. I would have never talked to someone older than 20. But if a teen kid came up to me and asked a question, I wouldn’t have felt nearly as threatened. (If not Gunnels, then an authority figure. Or someone that flashed a weapon and said he was going to kill the family if the child didn’t come to them).

                In terms of pure evil, based on criminal convictions, Lamborgine, Green, Busch and Sloan all stand out. Hastings doesn’t have a criminal history so it is really hard to ‘judge’ him. He hasn’t had a career to speak of, seems to be kind of a mess.

                As I write this though, maybe these suspects aren’t afraid of anyone. Maybe its more about if the jail community knows they were involved with killing/hurting children, then they are more afraid they will be killed by other inmates.

                Now one thing that could be more in line with a Hastings is he has never been accused to molestation (that I know of). I would think if any of the other bastards listed above were holding them captive, the boys would have been molested while alive like they did to so many other victims. They didn’t seem to have control of sexual urges whatsoever. I’ve wondered if the post-mortem abuse was to throw people off the trail. (I know they found ‘DNA’ in Mark’s throat but never heard any more about that, so not sure if it is true. The autopsy evidence all seems kinda confused. Some say Kristine was abused, others don’t, etc.)

                Sorry, I’m rambling. Going to stop now.

                • Most people in their 20’s don’t have a criminal record. Hastings was 28 in 1977. Ted Bundy didn’t have a criminal record at 30. Like you mentioned Lamborghine, Sloan, Busch would have raped the boys constantly. I don’t think they would have abducted the girls. I maybe wrong, Many believe Sillery didn’t do a legit autopsy’s . There’s many theories concerning those autopsy’s. The cases need to be started over with. There’s been too many mishaps and corruption at the highest levels to think any of it is legit. Nothing has changed my stance concerning Haystack. Way too many coincidences with this chump. The Composites of him is just the cherry 🍒 on top

  2. Cathy,

    I know a lot of people say they have ideas about who OCCK is. They may be right. I could be incredibly wrong. But then again, maybe I’m not. I have my own idea as to whom he might be. I don’t think he has been on the radar yet. I think I need to talk to you.

    I did not know anything about this story until I watched Children of the Snow a few weeks ago, and I have gone through so many thoughts and feelings ever since. First, I saw Kristine’s photo, and she looks like my twin. Then I saw sketches of OCCK, and he looks identical to the person who tried to abduct me.

    I was walking up my grandma’s drive in Saginaw sometime in 9th or `10th grades, so 1982, give or take a year. He was driving a brown Chevy van. It looked from the quick screen show of Greene’s police sheet, he had a brown Chevy van.

    As I said, I looked identical to Kristine, give or take a few years. She was one year older than me, so I would have been 14 in 1982. I mean, the only discernible difference is her face is wider than mine. But our hair is the same style and same color. We share all the other facial features, same eyes, mouth, pale skin, etc.

    I remember what my attempted abductor’s hair looked like. It looked exactly the same as in the sketches.

    Since watching the show, I have been in touch with the Saginaw Prosecutor’s office. They found my perp. He is currently in Jackson Prison for life on charges including kidnapping and sexual misconduct with physical injury. So I know his name and birthday and, with approvals in place, can get a DNA sample or use his DNA sample to do a match if that’s possible. All of his features match the sketches. And I do mean all. Same eyes, mouth, build, nose, neck, ears, etc. Everything. As he is in jail, I have a recent photo.

    It has been very frustrating for me to try to contact the Oakland County Police too. I’ve tried calling the tip line, but they literally say they will take the message, write it down and put it in a file. I asked if anyone was going to look at the file, and they said we’re taking the message and putting it in a file. I didn’t know what to do, but I knew and still know I have a responsibility to do something.

    So I am in contact with the Saginaw police and Saginaw prosecutor’s office as well as a local Cincinnati prosecutor. I also have a close friend from high school who used to work with the Department of Justice in D.C. and is now living in Oakland County. And I am a former criminal law attorney from a family that dealt with its own decades-long quest for justice. I feel a serious responsibility to help; I can’t let this go until I have an answer, yes or no, this is him or it isn’t. But everybody who is helping me, the police and prosecutors and DOJ contact, all say I have to keep pursuing this, that it is possible it could be him.

    I was watching the movie for a second time today and saw that you were an attorney in Chicago. So I thought to look for you and found this blog. Obviously you are okay with talking about it, which was one of my concerns in finding a family member who I would not hurt by contacting them. Could you please let me know if it would be okay for me to contact you directly and let me know how to go about doing that?

    Thank you very much! I know the families need closure; that’s my biggest reason for doing this. But I need closure now too. So I really appreciate you and look forward to hearing from you.

  3. I thought my comment got saved a little bit ago, but maybe it didn’t. Cathy, I may have a lead on the case, and I need to speak with someone who can help me figure out what to do.

    When I was in 9th or 10th grade, so around 1982 give or take a year, I was almost abducted in Saginaw. (Saginaw is fairly close to Flint.) He looked identical to the person in the sketches and was driving a brown Chevy van. From what I could tell from the Children of the Snow clip, it looked like Greene drove a brown Chevy van. I looked nearly identical to Kristine Mihelich back then.

    After watching the show, I contacted the Saginaw prosecutor’s office. They were able to find my information in their computer. They located my attempted abductor at the Jackson Prison. He is currently there for life and has a long list of crimes including kidnapping and sexual misconduct with physical injury.

    I am in contact with the Saginaw prosecutor’s office, Saginaw police, local Cincinnati prosecutor’s office, and I have a friend who used to work with the DOJ in D.C. Everyone is telling me I have to pursue this. But as the Oakland County police won’t do anything, that’s challenging. When I called the tip line, they literally told me they would take my information and put it in a file. When I asked what would happen with the file, they said, “We’ve taken your information and put it in the file.” That was all they would tell me.

    I don’t want to get in trouble for defamation, so if you are willing, could you please contact me so that I can give you the information directly? Or send me your current email if it has changed from before, so that I know how to reach out to you? Thank you!

    • You can email me at It is an encrypted email. Calling or writing the state police or anyone in Oakland County is a waste of time. And, as you have encountered, on top of it, they will be rude to you. You can try to call the Wayne County Prosecutor’s Office and ask to leave a message for Inspector Bivens. I believe he will at least give you the courtesy of a response. He can also run the information by retired Inspector Cory Williams, who is the most knowledgable about the case.

      I will gladly look at your information and this guy’s photo and MDOC information to see if his name has crossed my radar or is linked to any known pedophiles on our link chart. One thing I personally cannot offer is closure, and (based on past experience) I need to make this very clear. But if you want your information to be taken seriously, contact Insp. Bivens and send it on to me as well. I obviously have no police powers, but work with people who have a big picture on the case and names sometimes connect. You never know.

      I do my best to get back with anyone who contacts me (with a few exceptions who have used up their three strikes and should have only been given one). If an email goes to my personal email rather than the Proton account, it may take weeks for me to unearth it. I generally don’t do phone calls anymore. Too much abuse. Bring me up-to-speed via email and I will greatly appreciate it.

      The reason comments don’t show up right away is because they now have to be moderated first. I turned off my WordPress notification sounds, so if I am not near my computer, it may take me a while to clear the comment to post. You can thank the trolls and freaks for that. If the comment does not show up within 12-24 hours, it might have gone to spam. I try to check all the folders once a day. I need to inform/remind people of that, so everyone is on the same page. A lot of people resubmit their comment, thinking it didn’t go when it doesn’t show up immediately. is the way to go.

  4. I am just sitting here realizing that it was insensitive of me to suggest there could be closure. Thank you very much for your message. I sent you a direct response, but I just wanted to say I feel very bad for saying that. I apologize to anyone I may have hurt or offended with that statement.

    • I got your email, thank you. You did not offend me; I have just learned the hard way that when people offer information they can sometimes transfer anger over an event and the failures of police on to me. This has become a cumulative burden so I try to manage expectations as best I can. I understand your information and appreciate it and will respond.

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