Will there ever be a true beacon of good government?

This woman’s allegations against an Alaska attorney general go into “the void of nothing”:


Then, on the flip side, there is this shocker:


Shame on Oakland County, the Michigan State Police and the entire State of Michigan for letting the serial abduction, torture and murder of children hang in the void of nothing. The “being quiet because it’s an ‘active’ case” does not fly after 45 years. All that supposed brain power and money and not one single answer. Not. One. Think about that. Just sleight of hand.

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  1. “The “being quiet because it’s an ‘active’ case” does not fly after 45 years”
    Truer words, never spoken! It’s outrageous.

    I have a question. Was it Patterson who, sometime after the first Task Force wrapped up, when asked about OCCK, remarked that he thought it probable to perp had been committed to a psych hospital by their family?
    And another commenter stated, that a family friend had told them the OCCK perp was committed to a psych hospital along with his Mother.

    These are speculations, I’d say, but could the person they are thinking of be Ronald Bailey?
    Because, out of all the reports you’ve shared with us (thank you), I don’t recall seeing ANY mention of him – ?
    (That of course makes me suspect his involvement, as there seems to be at least one ‘mystery person’ involved)

    1. RD1, in some of the very recent documents I posted, it looks like an investigator for Oakland County was looking more recently at Bailey and his shrink, Jose Tombo. I would have to check to see if his DNA is on the list of “donors” whose DNA has been run against whatever DNA the state police claim to have.

      Everell E. Fisher, Jr. was a pedophile and a buddy of Chris Busch. He was institutionalized for a few years, but he was back on the streets long before these crimes occurred. I am sure no one has been able to obtain a DNA sample from any of his siblings (he is long dead). They would never agree to such a thing, I’m sure.

      John Hasting’s sister Mary worked at Northville Psychiatric Hospital back in the day, but I have seen no credible evidence that John was institutionalized at any point. I know people have said he has been, but none of the police interviews of him indicate the question was ever asked.

      Robert Robertson, head of the OCCK Task Force back in the day, was the person who spouted off that “dead, in jail, or family committed them to a psych facility” bullshit most often. Lt. Koenig of the MSP, who “inherited” the case after the operation got shut down, spouted the same bullshit a few years later. He told author Marney Keenan that this was just water cooler talk, something he heard around the office, and that there was nothing nefarious about it. I guess we put it in the file with the blue Gremlin and the lone, maniacal, brilliant but broken serial killer file.

      As Children of the Snow was in production and LB Patterson was being interviewed for that show and took part in a few other interviews–he tossed that family put him in a psych ward bullshit himself. Fucking unbelievable. Who would ever agree to let a serial murderer fly under the radar just because his family agreed to institutionalize him?!

      I recall the Birmingham PD chief alluding to this horseshit back in the day, too. Made no sense whatsoever. But NOBODY in the press called any of them on these ridiculous remarks.

      I have described before how decades ago a friend of one of my brothers was speaking with an ex-OC sheriff deputy in a bar in Chicago, who told her when she asked why the OCCK case was never solved that “it was some rich guy’s kid and we couldn’t touch him.” WTF? “couldn’t” touch him? Or wouldn’t?

    2. I think those statements were what we would now refer to as a “masks off” moment. The line that serial murders could be resolved by claims that the bad guy(s) was either committed/dead/in jail had been put into the public discourse at least since the 1930s, with some of Elliott Ness’ speculations and his Cleveland investigation. My suspicion is this code had become so entrenched within the system, it came naturally from the group that was controlling the narrative of the OCCK investigation. Disturbingly, this was known by other people and supported.

      1. All excellent points. I believe that all who knew and supported this “approach,” living or dead, must be exposed and held to account one way or the other. Their faces and “legacies” should forever be linked to four dead children. Copies of the pencil drawing of a screaming boy found at the Busch death scene should be on the grave markers of Patterson, Robertson and Krease and should be placed on the graves of other law enforcement/prosecuting attorneys who still are still breathing after they leave this earth. No good that they did before or after this case was buried will compensate for what they did here. That applies to enablers as well who played ball to cover for the actions of these “public servants” then and now.

  2. I don’t know if you’ll agree with me, but that Guarded by Jackals certainly reinforced my belief, that during his initial interview with police – Busch goes out of his way to implicate himself in OCCK crimes, all of them, albeit without directly confessing to any crimes. Multiple times, in multiple ways.

    I wonder if there exists, full transcripts of everything Busch said in that interview, (those interviews?). I think that what we have, is someone’s summaries of what Busch talked about?
    I would want to go through everything he said, with an assumption that anything and everything he said could relate to OCCK crimes – even if the statements don’t appear to have an obvious relevance, like his statements about where he likes to pick up kids.

    Because, if Busch really was the perp, he would know things about those crimes that the other people in the room wouldn’t yet know or understand about them. He could be saying something, that he knows is incriminating, but that isn’t understood that way by investigators.
    Especially when he is admitting to offences’ against Bowman, against his nephews, against Gunnels(?) or offences previously unknown to investigators. Could these statements have a double meaning? If Busch was really, or simultaneously, talking about OCCK crimes – could we learn anything we didn’t know before about those crimes?

    When Busch is talking about his offending history; when and where and against whom – IF he was also making covert references to OCCK, what could that tell us? Even statements he might have made about treatment efforts, his family history, relationships with family members, could references to OCCK be concealed within those?

    1. RD1, I believe Chris Busch’s behavior after his arrest in Alma on January 28, 1977 completely supports that the OCCK crimes he participated in were a massive FUCK YOU to H. Lee Busch, his father, who has been credibly accused of participating in pedophile activity, not only as discussed by Dr. Michael Arntfield on J. Reuben Appelman’s podcast You Know They Know, Episode 6 (https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/episode-6-suicide-scene-criminologist-michael-arntfield/id1487318415?i=1000456619750), in the documentary Children of the Snow (which is airing on Hulu), and also by living victims of H. Lee Busch. God only knows what he inflicted on his son.

      As discussed in Guarded by Jackals, Chris Busch’s behavior was screaming “I’m guilty” and “try to runaway from this shit, dad.” That’s why Lourn Doan (Southfield PD) has gone on the record to say they could not believe it when Busch and Greene “passed” their polygraphs and they were dismissed as OCCK suspects. Tom Waldron (Flint PD) told Cory Williams the same thing. Both of those men spent hours with Chris Busch after he got his toothbrush so he could make the ride to Flint from Alma. He declined counsel, for god’s sake, and was chatting up the cops.

      I guess another interpretation is that he was fucking with the police–just try to arrest me, my daddy will take care of all of this. Either way, I don’t know too many people who could have spouted off the abduction sites of Mark, Jill and Kristine in serial order when describing where he liked to pick up his victims.

      He told investigators that day that he HAD USED THE BIG BROTHER PROGRAM IN OAKLAND COUNTY TO POACH FOR VICTIMS FOR YEARS. Not one of those cops investigated these crimes!! Not one of those cops went to Big Brother of OC and asked about “big bro” Chris Busch. Not one.

      God only knows what was omitted from those reports prepared by Lourn Doan and Tom Waldron about Christopher Brian Busch and his partner Greg Greene, and at whose instruction. Even if you consider what was in the record provided in FOIA responses, it is totally obvious that Doan and Waldron were right to be shocked that these two animals were not going to be further investigated in the OCCK case. Chris Busch was playing games. Which is entirely consistent with a man who would rape kids, threaten them with guns, rape his own nephews, have 8 mm reels of child porn and ropes handy, trick parents into trusting them through the Big Brother Program and then rape their sons, tell police about his fantasy with Greg Greene that they would abduct a boy and hold him captive, and participate in the OCCK crimes! As much as Dick Thompson and LB Patterson wanted this animal to just be a ho-hum, garden variety “kid-diddler,” (a crime which apparently meant next to nothing to them as he was in fact given a deal by this NO DEALS duo), he was anything but.

      Tim goes missing six weeks later and no one circles back to Chris Busch. Somebody wants to make sure Greg Greene is still in jail and Richard Thompson checks out the CSC file on Busch in the OC child rape case, but none of these men does a goddamn thing to check on their boy Busch. What GBJ gets right is that this was not misfeasance. IT WAS MALFEASANCE.

      1. “I believe Chris Busch’s behavior after his arrest in Alma on January 28, 1977 completely supports that the OCCK crimes he participated in were a massive FUCK YOU to H. Lee Busch, his father…”

        WOW! My thoughts, exactly. I’ve never voiced that opinion, thinking it might be an unpopular interpretation and perhaps offensive to some. I’m SO GLAD that you see it that way, too.

        1. Screw the popular opinion. If it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, call it a duck and not a swan just because they are more graceful. (With apologies to real ducks.)

  3. A brief comment on the autopsies.

    Should have had Gay men doing the forensic pathology.
    There’s no indication that those involved, knew what a “plug” is or what the purpose of such a thing might be. If a plug is used to prepare the passage, dilation is achieved by pressure over time, rather than by force. If the passage was prepped this way, and the proper lubricant was employed (NOT vaseline), there would be minimal, if any, tearing. Also much less discomfort – no agonized screams alerting the neighbors. With the amount of time each victim was missing, there’s lots of time for a patient perp to take such preparations.

    No semen evidence in the passage? That’s why God made the vaginal douche.

    The evidence they were looking for, would be generated by an opportunistic rapist – but that’s not who our perp(s) are. Our perp(s) have devoted a LOT of thought and planning, to the perpetration of these crimes. Almost as though, they had spent many hours discussing it – going over every aspect, working how to minimize their risks and maximize their probability of success.

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