Documents, continued.

More documents, including more on mentally ill, POS, suspect David Nelson. These documents are from the summer of 2012, when then Prosecutor Jessica Cooper was in high-“anybody but Busch and Greene” and “Arch Sloan is looking good” and “reelect me, suckers” mode. During the early summer of 2012, the Detroit Free Press ran a two-part series written by David Ashenfelter about the OCCK cases. People recognized the photos of Busch and Greene. They recalled that era and those heinous, unsolved crimes and they started calling investigators. There is mention of involvement by the Oakland County sheriff’s office, including names of employees. The same office which claimed last July that they had not one, single document or file in the OCCK case. Apparently they keep no records. Too much work, I guess. Hopefully they have gotten their shit together now that they are in the spotlight of the Oxford High School murders.

If you are a reader not a skimmer, you have seen in documents recently posted here just how many truly disturbed people and pedophiles lived in and passed through quintessential Oakland County, Michigan. There is a tip in the early pages of this 157-page file documenting a 2012 call from a woman who said she and her husband rented one of their apartments to a freak who on paper is certainly someone who should have been interviewed in this case back in the day. She explained she did not report this in 1977 because her “husband did not want to get involved.” Thanks, assholes. Keep your head down, just like the neighbors on Morningview Terrace in Bloomfield Village circa 1976-1978. Pay your taxes and pour another drink.

Another large file:

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