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Thanks to the people who have reached out this week and today, the grim anniversary of Tim’s abduction 45 years ago. You balance out the trolls and stand out in a sea of people from our past who knew Tim and pretended nothing happened over these many decades. Thank you, too, to people who read the documents posted here and respectfully post online with observations. It’s a rough crowd, this online “true crime” crowd. I understand why someone would be hesitant to weigh in, but when you do you might catch something no one else has (or will).

My greatest respect and appreciation is for the survivors of childhood sexual abuse or a near-miss abduction in Oakland County during that darkest of times. Most express guilt for not coming forward sooner. You should have no guilt. If you were able to tell your parents and you went to police, you weren’t believed anyway. All describe trauma that is lifelong. No one acknowledged the true, intense and permanent damage done to society by the OCCK killings and the failure to close–or even rationally discuss–these cases. It is a part of the fabric of your community, Oakland County, never forget that.

Contrast this to the people close to this investigation who knew something didn’t add up; who knew something felt wrong. I get it, you couldn’t buck the system, you needed your job, you were an underling. But why aren’t you contacting me now instead of people who were nearly abducted or in fact victimized in the 1970s and 1980s? You tell society “if you see something say something” and then you don’t do anything about it when someone does. When you see something, on the other hand, you put your head down and count the days until your retirement.

A reader sent this and it says it all at this point. Law enforcement was all over this being a DNA-only case . . . until the technology kept advancing. Even shoddy evidence collection, storage procedures and misfiling–shoddy even by 1976 and 1977 standards, employed for whatever reason, may not cover the asses of your predecessors. Quit with the excuses, run or re-run everything you have and report the results to the public. Prove you care about this case.

As another reader pointed out, there are good people who have and still are trying to help bring justice in this case. They, too, have been thwarted and gaslighted by the actions of hacks like L. Brooks Patterson, Dick Thompson, Robert Robertson, Jessica Cooper, Paul Walton, Larry Wasser, Garry Gray, Dave Robertson and Sean Callaghan. Hacks. All of them.

But today, I am reminded that a little boy with a great sense of humor, who was smart and kind, and high-energy and deserved to grow up just like any other kid in Oakland County, was abducted on the evening of March 16, 1977, subjected to depraved treatment and terrorized for six long days, murdered and dumped on a roadside in Wayne County. The people who participated in this crime and the murders of Mark Stebbins, Jill Robinson and Kristine Mihelich were/are monsters. Pedophiles are the most twisted of criminals. These POS took it to another level. These cases are outrageously heinous. Yet the community never received a single straight answer. It is literally like it is no big deal. Those charged with solving these crimes took the gaslighting concerning the failures to another level, too.

If you have any information about these cases or the investigations over the years that might be helpful, please leave a message for Inspector James Bivens at the Wayne County Prosecutor’s office. If you value your time and energy, do not call the Michigan State Police, the Oakland County Sheriff, or the Oakland County Prosecutor’s office. You can skip the Michigan AG’s office as well.

You can send me information at Trolls don’t get a response and if you can’t handle what you read here, don’t read this blog. I would wholeheartedly support your decision never to check in here again.

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  1. This must be such a difficult time of year for you and your family Cathy. Every year I try my best to lift you up in prayer. Tim was a beautiful child with many talents and a great loving family. . I’m sure he would have done great things in life.Please know that there are many of us who won’t forget Tim or Kristine or Jill or Mark. We admire your courage – I wish there was something else I could do besides writing to elected officials. Anyone of us kids could’ve been in Tim’s shoes and that includes many of those elected officials who grew up in the area and are now in their 50s – do they not realize they could’ve been snatched just like Tim was.

  2. my heart truly breaks 4 u & ur family every day Cathy I send u all my love & positive wishes especially on this evening😘❤️❤️❤️❤️😢💔

  3. There are no words but I am sorry about the grief and trauma, and incompetence/criminality of those in charge. Praying for peace and justice.

  4. What a sad day it is. The tragedy of a child abduction and murder compounded by so much betrayal by the officials that are supposed to protect.

    So very sorry Cathy…

  5. Our hearts break again tonight for Tim. For Mark and Jill and Kristine. For you and all of the families.

    Good people are with you. Keep shining the light.

  6. You are a wonderful crusader! Lots of love to you, your dear brother, and all the rest.

  7. I’m sorry you have to go thru this every year. No one should have to. I was a classmate of Kristine’s and, to a limited level, I understand what you feel each March, as I get the blues in January for the same reason. I pray for you, your family and that all your efforts will be rewarded and soon.

  8. We need to keep the case alive. So many people in Metro Detroit under the age of about 55 have never even heard of this case.

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