Selma Blair accuses ex-Cranbrook dean of sexual assault in new book

Selma Blair’s new book “Mean Baby” includes an accusation that a former Cranbook dean kissed and touched her.
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  1. cathybroad says:

    Our buddy Jack was “in” at Cranbrook starting in 1977, according to his archived correspondence with the school. Interesting time period.

  2. jade says:

    Wow wow wow. Thanks for sharing. This makes me think of how Frances Shelden was on the board at Cranbrook. And also how Sarah Ruth Ashcraft from Oakland County implicated Roeper School, Tom Hanks, the Theosophical Society, and her father (who was high up in the Michigan Democratic Party) of sexually abusing and trafficking her.

  3. jade says:

    This ALSO makes me think of the accusations she screamed out on a flight she was taking, that she later supposed blamed on a sleeping pill she took, but that I have long thought were more likely actually true (related to sexual abuse/torture.) I actually saw her one time in downtown Birmingham and said hi; she was really nice.

  4. Jade says:

    Who is Jack? And do you know what the other allegation against Cranbrook was, that is mentioned in the article? Sorry for not posting all this in one comment– brain is moving too quickly! Keep up your heroic work.

  5. cathybroad says:

    Jack, for starters: Cranbrook:

    Also, I checked out the comments to the Free Press article when I reread the article just now. I subscribe to at least six newspapers and the most fucked up comments are always found in the Detroit newspapers. Without fail.

  6. cathybroad says:

    As for Cranbrook, see also: (2006 case involving termination of maintenance person for inappropriate sexual behavior toward students); and (2020, Farmington Hills teacher put on administrative leave after allegations of sexual misconduct against students; teacher previously associated with other schools, including Cranbrook and the University of Michigan’s summer vocal academy of music).

    Thanks to a reader for the links.

    • jade says:

      Thanks so much. I’ll look into all of this. summer academy of music? makes me think of Interlochen. I’ve mentioned this before, but Jeffrey Epstein had a cabin at Interlochen that he went to in the summer, which is so shady. Also, that is SO CLOSE to North Fox Island…. ???? There was one article online that cited this connection I made, they said “an anonymous Reddit user” or something; that was me.

  7. aba says:

    I have heard “rumors” for years about sexual misconduct between admin, teachers and students at Cranbrook. Some first hand, however people are typically reluctant to come forward against this institution as they are a force to be reckoned with and yield tremendous power in the community. My hope is that more individuals will find the courage to begin coming forward after these two recent disclosures/accusations. This institution needs to be held accountable. They have gotten away with much too much for much too long!

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