Report: Southern Baptist leaders covered up sex abuse and kept a secret database.

“Leaders in the Southern Baptist Convention on Sunday released a major third-party investigation that found that sex abuse survivors were often ignored, minimized and ‘even vilified’ by top clergy in the nation’s largest Protestant denomination.”

What would their Jesus do? I’m pretty sure NOT THAT.

See also (Southern Baptists Refused to Act on Abuse, Despite Secret List of Pastors); and (Top Southern Baptists stonewalled and denigrated sex abuse victims, report says).

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  1. Off-topic, sorry.

    An obscure tip about Mark Stebbins, buried in the “Ferndale-Report-Final” pdf (pg.6)
    “Supplementary Report” “Compl #C76-431” “Missing Child Stebbins” “02-17-76”
    A tip was received by phone, at the desk;
    A Darrell Bolam, aged 17, reported that he “saw the Stebbins boy at E. Saratoga &NB M-1 alley, walking WB with W/M 13-14 yrs…” and further stated that he KNOWS the Stebbins child, and has seen the other subject in the area within past few days.

    No sign of any follow-up, in any of the other documents. Presumably, it was determined to be a dead-end, and there were or soon would be several ‘good’ adult suspects to be fully investigated. And that, fits the presumptive stereotypes about missing kids being forcibly abducted off a roadway, by an adult via their car/truck, pervasive at the time.

    But I think this tip is quite remarkable, primarily because the teen caller claimed to know Mark Stebbins and therefore was making a positive ID witness report about him. Many other tips contain statements about seeing “a boy”, in various circumstances, but I think this one is unique in being an ID witness report by someone who knew him! (or so the person claimed).

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