More heartbreak.

I have some very sad news. Tom Robinson, father of Jill Robinson, died this week at age 85. As his wife Marla said to Marney Keenan, “Now there are two fathers gone without closure.”

I put off writing this today because it bummed me out so much. I found Tom Robinson’s interview in Children of the Snow to be so honest and compelling. As he held a photograph of Jill he said:

“It’s one of those things that never goes away. This was a bad period.” And, “I’m stuck thinking about it every morning and every evening.” For almost 46 years.

I sat down to type and I swear to god, there is a full, vibrant double rainbow out my back deck. Tom and Jill. As an English professor, perhaps Tom Robinson would forgive my writer’s block, and I appreciate the incentive in the sky to write something. (I am scheduling this to post Saturday morning, rather than at the time of writing.)

Over the years I have been contacted by two of Professor Robinson’s students who wrote me to say how profoundly they were affected by him–that they respected him greatly. I remember one man wrote to say that decades ago, on the first day of class, Professor Robinson introduced himself, explained he was the father of Jill Robinson, got that on the table and then said “now let’s learn.” The many people he touched also cared deeply about his family’s incomprehensible loss.

This is the part that hung me up today–Marney told me “I was really struck by how Jill’s birth, four decades on, was so vivid in [Tom’s] memory. He said to me and Cory: ‘I know all parents remember the first time, but it shook me up. … I first saw her looking through the window and the nurse was holding her. And it was an electric moment.'”

Tom told them that he was devastated by Jill’s death. “I can’t say I wanted to die because I had two other kids. But it took the spark out of my life.”

Please, this weekend do something kind for someone in your life. As you do so, think of Tom, Jill, Tom’s wife Marla, and Jill’s mom Karol and Jill’s two sisters Alene and Heather.

I also want to point out how prescient Tom Robinson and Karol Robinson were in the months after Jill’s murder. In a March 27, 1977 Detroit News article, Tom asked “where the hell is the imaginative leadership [from the task force]?” Karol said “I get the feeling there is a runaround with this task force.” I’m sure the Oakland County prosecutor and the state police knew the sheer magnitude of the Robinsons’ loss would fold in on them soon enough and that this story would be starved of oxygen. And it was.

Go figure, 21 months later there it was: The task force had gotten their grant money but not their suspect(s) and in addition “”[t]he investigators ran through more than $2 million dollars and have nothing to show for it except the files, a manual on how to organize such an investigation–and memories of frustration.” The Port Huron Times Herald, Sunday, December 17, 1978, p. 8A.

How’s that for imaginative leadership?

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  1. My deepest sympathy. May his memory, and Jill’s, be a blessing to all who knew and cared about them. A double rainbow, indeed!

  2. Good Morning Cathy. I had Mr. Robinson as my English professor at OCC and he was a wonderful man. Like you mentioned, that is how he began his first class. He was always so friendly and a fantastic professor. I will fondly remember him and I am so sad to hear of his passing. My condolences to his family.

    Thank you so much for posting this.


  3. Cathy,

    Where exactly in Birmingham did Tom Robinson live? I ask because the general theory is that Jill was headed to see her father when she was kidnapped somewhere en route. (Forget the Tiny Tim’s bicycle connection – that’s just where the bike was later found after it had been moved at least twice.)
    We don’t know how far she got or if she was really going there, but maybe she made it all the way to Birmingham from Royal Oak, and I’d like to know which street she might have been aiming for.

    Also, can you recap the babysitter for Tom Robinson who knew John McKinney anecdote please?


    1. Katie Coffey, who was our neighbor and a few years younger than me, occasionally babysat for the three Robinson girls when they were at their father’s house. I don’t know where Tom Robinson lived in Birmingham. Katie’s parents were friends and apparently silent business partners with John McKinney.

      News accounts of the evening Jill went missing are spotty, as were descriptions of where her bike was found. From the Lansing State Journal on 12-31-76: Jill’s purple and chrome bicycle “was turned over to Royal Oak Police Department after it was found behind a small office building.”

      A Detroit Free Press article of the same date begins by explaining that Jill’s bike (turned in as abandoned and identified by Jill’s mom) was found “3/4s of a mile from her home.” Yet it ends with: “A family friend saw the youngster near Fourteen Mile and Woodward on her bike pedaling northward, at 7:30 p.m. Wednesday. She had left home about an hour earlier. Her bike was found more than two miles away.”

      The Detroit News, of course, does not have any archives online. Thanks for your service, News.

      I remember discussions in online forums years ago where kids were said to have taken Jill’s bike and dumped it where it was later found. I have seen nothing that describes where these kids, if that’s what happened, found Jill’s bike. If that is in fact what took place, their handling of the bike not only disturbed any possible usable fingerprint evidence and muddied any chance of piecing together Jill’s route. The abductors could have ditched Jill’s bike behind the unnamed office building.

      1. Cathy;
        As far as the story of Jill’s bike and taking it somewhere by some kids …

        He used the name ‘Spidey’ as he remained anonymous. His story goes that him and his friend found the bike leaning against a tree in the middle of the medium on Woodward Avenue. They both took turns riding the bike and left it at this building a couple blocks away where they went in and told the person there about it. She called the police when the two kids hid behind some shrubs to wait until the police came to pick up the bike where they actually watched them leave with it. They stayed and watched them come and pick up the bike because if they didn’t they might have still taken the bike home with them as they were undecided. He was very specific on where he found the bike along Woodward as far the cross roads near an intersection and was very specific on the building they left the bike at where there was an actual address and photo of the building taken decades later. All of this detail was shown on Helen’s old website at one time or another and presented on one of her YouTube videos. He claims, him and his friend’s finger prints would have been all over the handle bars of that bike! What I recall from his discussion with Helen on her website was that he did make an attempt to contact the police over the matter where they did not want to talk to him. They never bothered with him probably because his association with Helen and wall of resistance already made against her. His story claims the bike was leaning against a tree on Woodward just like Helen’s suspect described to Helen where the bike was left. The locations of where he claims the bike was found by them and where they took it (police picked it up) goes completely against what was known about the case and is still today. There was always this thought that maybe the police put down a different location for recovering the bike in their police reports by accident or maybe deliberate to keep information to themselves.

        What has always been perplexing was that if a partial finger print could have been traced and proven to match him that I guess at least we would have known for sure where the bike was found originally as his story would be true at that point. Instead we have ‘nothing’ like everything else with this case!

        Jill’s bike location seems to be a mystery to this whole thing all along. If my memory serves me correctly the Decades of Deceit video seems to point to a different location altogether. I believe someone formerly from the FBI claimed the police recovered the bike at Tiny Tim’s hobby shop on Woodward base on some police records although no one could ever find these so called records. However it was understood that a witness saw Jill in front of that place which might have created some of the confusion.

        1. Good information, thanks. For others to read and hear, see the link below. Good point in the video where Helen indicates that John’s story of where he left the bike is the same as Spidey’s.

          Spidey’s story seems to place the bike somewhere behind the current Kruse and Muer restaurant (“propped up against a tree by Vinsetta street, not exactly on the corner, between Vinsetta and Bassett”).

          There is a medium on Vinsetta Street. I cannot believe the bike was placed in the middle of Woodward on that medium.

          I believe in 1976 this restaurant may have been DeLuca’s Restaurant.

            1. I’ll add the one thing I left out. When viewing this location, I noticed straight across Woodward is Dorothea Street in Berkley. Officer Flynn lived on that street at one point.

          1. Don’t recall a restaurant. My understanding was that it was a book store or some type of supply place if my memory is right based on his testimony. Whatever the case, Spidey claims a woman (clerk) was at the counter when they went in the place. She offered to call the police immediately about a misplace bike which she did. They had no idea it was Jill’s bike or even that Jill was missing at the time. Just someone’s bike that was left unattended in the middle of a medium. Helen tried finding this person (clerk) to back up Spidey’s story years later without any luck. Since Spidey goes against the known location described in the newspapers makes me tend to believe his story. Unfortunately, his finger prints were never taken and compared. There became doubt that the MSP even really had Jill’s bike anymore from discussions on Helen’s site. A bunch of hearsay from GG himself that prints were taken off the bike at the MSP labs was suspicious after a while. Looking back on it now was probably pure BS. Nothing ever showed up in the FOIA papers in regards to any of that from what I remember. So much for resolving any of it. Perhaps more buried evidence with a bunch of excuses? How can partial finger prints not provide any insight into this case?

            1. Thanks. We are talking about the same place. The clerk was no doubt in the businesses next to DeLuca’s (north of it). I think the business address I saw in the link was 28168 Woodward. This is probably on the police incident report and where they arrived. This is just a half mile west from Jill’s house (3 minute bike ride).

              I also tend to believe Spidey’s story. No reason to doubt it. Very similar to the Sardecki witness story in Berkley. Didn’t want to get in trouble so told nobody for a while. Also not aware of the significance of the event.

              Good job by Helen attempting to corroborate the story. Spidey was fairly exact on his location, and “John” confirmed it. Good job by Spidey also for sharing his story. Wish he would share anything else he can.

              Now that I have some locations, I have a problem with the friend who saw Jill riding her bike near 14 Mile and Woodward near Tiny Tim’s at 7:30pm.

              1. And if I remember the FOIA documents (and The Snow Killings) from Jill’s case, the bike was reported found at 1523 N. Main Street which is 1.6 miles east from where Spidey reported he saw the police pick up the bike.

                1. G-Man great discussion. The thing with this discrepancy is that it could be easily explained. The police pick up a child’s bike. They had no idea it was Jill’s bike or even that Jill was missing at the time. I believe it was days later, maybe even weeks before they discovered it matches the description of Jill’s bike. So it wasn’t until that point did anyone know the importance of it. So where did you guys get this bike? Well it was somewhere along there. OK close enough. Becomes established as fact for this case although it might not even been accurate at the time.

                  1. Yes, I agree. The discrepancy can be easily explained. I was thinking the same thing.

                    However, I am also thinking about Jill’s northbound trip. The witness places her at 14 Mile Road. How did she get to 14 Mile when the bike was discovered south of 12 Mile. Unless she completed her trip and was returning home. If so she was only 3 minutes from returning home. If so, perhaps she was spotted by someone at that restaurant.

                    1. Hmm.
                      In the video link, Spidey is undoubtedly sincere. But questions remain:
                      1. What date exactly did he and his buddy find a bike? (His story is relevant only if it was the night Jill was kidnapped – Wednesday, December 22, 1976. Otherwise, we must assume her bike lay undiscovered for some period of time – days? – until Spidey saw it. And if that’s the case, then who knows where it was actually abandoned, and how many kids may have ridden it.)
                      2. Where exactly? (In the video, he is not very specific. The video captions provide the Vinsetta and Bassett location, not Spidey himself. All he said was that he and his buddy were walking to Tiny Tim’s and found a bike on Woodward between12 Mile and Catalpa. I agree that the bike simply could not have been left leaning on a tree on a median in the middle of Woodward Avenue. No way.
                      Vinsetta Blvd? Plausible, but that’s not what he said. He said “Woodward”. We know where they left it after they rode it. We don’t know exactly where they found it, and apparently, he doesn’t either.)
                      3. What bike was found at 1523 N. Main, behind the Valenti and Lieberman office building the next week? The R.O.P.D showed that bike to Karol Robinson and she identified it as Jill’s. Did the R.O.P.D. recover two separate bikes in a week? If not, then how and why did that very specific location emerge as “the recovery” spot?
                      “Inquisitor”, I don’t buy your explanation “close enough was good enough for the cops.” No, R.O.P.D. Lt. Earl C. Stringer was quoted very specifically about the bike’s location. It’s a real place – I’ve driven past it. The cops said it because they believed it, not because they made it up after the fact. (Now, whether they were correct is another matter, but that is what they believed.)
                      4. Of course no official ever talked to Spidey – they didn’t know who he was. He and his buddy left just as the cops showed up. He didn’t want to talk to them in 1976 or for decades after. I am not surprised Cory Williams dismissed his story in 2007.

                      Is Spidey sincere?
                      Does his current story partially corroborate the idea that John Hastings was possibly involved?
                      Maybe. Maybe not.

                      Spidey is yet another well-meaning witness who said too little, too late, leaving us with nothing concrete to go on today.

                    2. Paul, I knew you would jump in on this discussion. Here are some thoughts.

                      1) Spidey found the bike on Monday December 27 (I think around noon). Correct me if I am wrong Inquisitor. This is the day after Jill was found. I agree it is more relevant if it was the day she went missing (Wednesday December 22).

                      2) I seem to recall a map that showed a median in the alley behind the building at 28168 Woodward. This alley is between Bassett and Vinsetta. This alley is not a named street and is the only way it can be “on Woodward” against a tree between Bassett and Vinsetta. However, you are correct. This could be Helen adding her thoughts (between Bassett and Vinsetta) in the caption. Spidey never says the words “between Bassett and Vinsetta.” Inquisitor may have some thoughts on this.

                      3) Great point on item 3. How many bikes were there? The FOIA on Jill’s case said that the bike on 1523 North Main was seen by other boys on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday mornings (December 27-29). How can that be if Spidey saw the Police pick up the bike on December 27? This bike could possibly be another Blue Gremlin clue, and not the correct bike.

                      4) On your 4th point, this is where I hope Spidey is reading this and can clarify some things. He does sound sincere, but I believe it is never too little or too late. He says he saw the police arrive. I cannot believe the Police would have left the bike there.

                      Do you recall what time Jill left her house? It had to be around 4:00 PM. Just before dinner and the family went to Church at 6:00 PM. If it was 4:00 PM, why did it take her three and a half hours to be spotted at Tiny Tim’s near 14 Mile and Woodward?

                    3. Updating my own comments on item number 2. It’s possible Spidey (or whoever said it), really meant to say between Bassett and Vinton. Vinton is the next street north of Basset. Also, in a 1974 aerial view of this location, Vinton street has an entrance off Woodward that is separated by a median. This median as several trees on it. The median is between 28300 Woodward (to the south) and 28454 Woodward (to the north).

  4. Mr. Robinson is actually the third father to carry all the unknowns to his grave, sadly. Kris’ father, Dan passed away in Feb 2017. Godspeed Tom, Barry and Dan.

    1. G-man,
      You are correct: Vinton Street (north of both Bassett and Vinsetta) does have a small median and there is an alley running north and south just east of Woodward.

      We have no evidence that this is the true location, but it is not a bad guess.

      In any event, without much more information, this angle doesn’t look to be very productive – we can’t even say for sure that the bike found by Spidey (wherever and whenever he found it) was actually Jill’s bike.

      1. Yes this is true. I’m sure you saw my discussion with Inquisitor. We both agree that we need more information from “Spidey”. Too many conflicts and not enough data. I read your comments in another post about this Main location. They were helpful to me, thanks. I think it was there that I noticed the American Legion Hall right next door to where the bike was found. Another coincidence.

  5. Sorry to hear this. I had him for two classes at OCC. He was a good teacher and a nice man. Prayers for his family

  6. My father was founding faculty at OCC. My mother Laura taught English there. Tom was her supervisor. She always had good things to say about Mr. Robinson. I met Jill about a Christmas party about a week or two before she vanished. I live about 25 minutes from the King’s house on property. Cathy knows I put out fruit for
    the girls, sugar beets for Mr. King and other deer feed for Mark. Tim has his own bird feeder. Any news on funeral arrangements for Mr. Robinson ?

    1. Thanks, I was also looking for this address. I seem to recall reading some news reports that Jill’s father was busy that day, so he could not be with her. It makes me wonder if maybe she was going to her babysitter’s house.

  7. Some great discussions above dealing with Spidey and his testimony about handling Jill’s bike. I can’t answer anything in regards to specific locations as I just don’t remember those type of details from him and I sure don’t know the area like you guys do. What I remember from his story was that it was leaning against a tree in the middle of the medium on Woodward Ave that part he was specific. The cross roads to Woodward that borders this area I thought he stated specific so don’t understand the confusion. It was somewhere between the cross roads I believe. I also cannot speak for Spidey but I do remember some points of his discussion over this with Helen. Keep in mind he was a child when this happened. He kept it to himself (and his friend) for many years because he stated his parents would have ‘killed’ him if they ever knew he was out at night like that on Woodward and furthermore to ride someone’s bike like that. He never wanted his parents to know even as an adult. I don’t think he has any idea what night he found that bike even at that time he probably wouldn’t be able to tell you two weeks later. He didn’t realize it was Jill’s bike until described in the newspaper much later. True he only tried contacting the police decades later like you kind of stated. He was pushed by Helen to do so as a follow up of me (Alpena Witness) doing the same thing and talking to the police at the time. Didn’t do any good though for him as they were not interested and there is much debate if the MSP really has that bike to begin with so it’s totally out of the question if fingerprints could ever be compared in the first place to verify his story. Just wishful thinking by some. No one knew the importance of the bike at the time as it did not become evident until later so even the police probably mishandled the bike (evidence). No one has been in contact with Spidey for many years now and only Helen knew who he was. He was driven to do the video from Helen and it was in regards Decades of Deceit where someone on there stated that Jill’s bike was recovered from Tiny Tim’s hobby shop. This is believed to be bogus and Spidey really wanted to set the record straight where the bike was recovered by police. Like everything else with this case, it just doesn’t matter.

    Another point to consider. We don’t know who told who first about where the bike was located. If Spidey told Helen first about it then we have no confirmation that Helen really got this information from her suspect. There is nothing on the maps that John drew to confirm it. (That is the maps that have surfaced so far thru FOIA papers.) If anyone spots it otherwise please give details. Unfortunately it’s always a guessing game with Helen on these matters.

    1. Thanks for the update. Lots to discuss that may not add up to anything substantial.

      Paul brought up a good point though. In the video, Spidey (age 9 at the time) never said the cross streets. Even if he did, that would place the bike on Woodward on the sidewalk where there are no trees. There is no way anybody would park a bike in the middle median of Woodward.

      The police investigation (another witness, newspaper boy age 13 in the FOIA) has the bike being spotted a mile or so west of this location at the same time that Spidey was to have rode the bike, and then again the next 2 days after the bike was reported to Police by Spidey.

      Sounds like 2 different bikes to me. Even if Spidey’s story is correct, we now know that MSP would taint the fingerprinting of the bike.

      1. YouTube video paused at 1:53 time shows a photo titled Woodward Intersection from old website. Looks like way in the distance is a road with a medium between the cars going two different directions. First ones going to the right and the further ones going to the left with snow covered medium in between them. I’m guessing that’s Woodward? Could this photo been taken from Bassett Road looking towards Woodward intersection? Yeah looks like no trees in the medium instead are along the sidewalk but photo was taken 2007 as indicated. Was there trees in the medium back in 1976 when Jill was abducted? Base on Spidey they were. Spidey was specific on bike leaning against a tree. Why would anyone leave a bike in the medium like that? Would Jill had done something like that? I doubt it. Maybe there was a confrontation with someone (The killer) and that was how it was left? Don’t know where Spidey was specific on dates but even then how accurate could they have been? More than one bike reported? Yeah it’s such a common bike from that time. It’s a good possibility. Spidey where are you now days? Come out of your web and gives us a sign.

        1. Helen’s photo appears to be taken from Vinton Street. The motel shown has to be the current Seville Motel. You can google map this in Royal Oak. This is connected to Monty’s Grill on the corner of Vinton and Woodward. There is a small median at the entrance of Vinton street today. The 1974 aerial view of this same street has trees on this small median. I believe this is the median Spidey meant. I too wish he could appear and confirm.

          There is no median on Bassett street now or in 1974 (one street south). There has always been a larger median on Vinsetta Street (one more street south).

          Although the video displays “between Vinsetta and Bassett”, I think it’s an easy mistake (perhaps by Helen) and should have said Vinton (and not Vinsetta).

          The motel would have had many transients staying there, and has always been a seedy place. Certainly a suspicious place. And if the grill existed in 1976, a good place for Jill to stop, and ponder her next steps. Perhaps the abductor was in there. There was also a witness that said she was in Suzy Q restaurant a half mile north. And of course this is where Gail Webster worked.


          1. Interesting. Great insight on this. Thanks G-man. I believe Helen tried contacting Spidey years after the video was made without any luck. So many that don’t trust the cops and how witnesses were treated. For Spidey, it’s difficult to go against the word of an FBI guy on where he claims the cops recovered Jill’s bike as fact. Makes everything more distant of ever really knowing the truth.

  8. So true. FBI guy claims the bike was found at another site. Hard to convince anyone of it being found somewhere else. I’ll have to look at the FOIA more closely for more bike information.

    Possibly there were 2 bikes found, or possibly someone did not want a bike found at the location Spidey indicated.

    The one thing I notice about the “official” location of 1523 North Main is that it is right by another American Legion Hall (Royal Oak).

    1. G-man if you ever find anything in the FOIA papers in regards to what this FBI guy is referencing on the lines of Jill’s bike being recovered by police at the Tiny Tim Hobby Shop please post the page on here. I will be real curious where he got that as he states in the video he reviewed the FOIA papers and concluded that Jill’s bike was recovered there (same place Chris Busch hung out or something on those lines).

      1. The FOIA files (Royal Oak investigation) indicate that police found the bike at 1602 Washington. This is around the corner from 1523 N. Main Street. They found the 2 boys who were joy riding, and the boys led police back to where the boys found it at 1523 N Main. Based on the boys stories and interviews with snow plow crews who worked at 1523 Main, they determined the bike was dumped there between 10:30 PM on 12/26 (the evening Jill was found), and 2:00 PM on 12/27 (page 35 of 43 in the Robinson-Final document).

        No mention of the FBI in these FOIA files. Might be buried in another FOIA, but I am not sure where to look.

    2. The one thing I notice about the “official” location of 1523 North Main is that it is right by another American Legion Hall (Royal Oak).

      Interesting. Hmmmm

      I always had this hunch that the cops picked up the bike. Assumed it was stolen right off the bat and stashed in storage somewhere as routine work like all the other bikes found that way. Jill gets reported missing and eventually body was found. Jill’s mom describes the missing bike in detail to the cops. They eventually find it in storage weeks later where Jill’s mom comes and identifies it at the station. Quickly it’s like panic where was this bike found? Gee I don’t know somewhere along there in Royal Oak. Cops can’t remember for sure but the reporters want to know where the bike was found. We need to put something down for an address. More panic. OK let’s pick that building near the American Legion Hall so it goes along with the other one.

      Just a wild guess.

      1. Police knew to look for the bike because a credible witness (who knows Jill) saw her near Tiny Tim’s at 7:30 PM riding the bike.

        Police found the bike and fingerprinted it in Troy, but no prints to compare their findings with. Then they had the mother confirm that it is the correct bike.

        Now I’m sure these fingerprint findings are long gone, but I’d love to see them compared to certain other people if possible.

        1. So to sum it up. Are we talking 3 bikes with three different locations they were found if we count Spidey story? Finger prints were taken. This is head spinning! Go wonder why this case has never been solved.

          1. I doubt 3 bikes. Based on the timeline, maybe 2.
            12/26 10:30 PM: No bike at 1523 Main per snow removal crew.
            12:27 between 10:00 AM and 11:30 AM: news boy first saw bike at 1523 Main.
            12/27 2:00 PM: Tom and Jeff find bike at 1523 Main, and ride bike. Leave it at 1602 Washington.
            12/27 10:00 PM: No bike at 1523 Main per snow removal crew.
            12/28 morning: news boy saw bike at 1602 Washington.
            12/29 morning: news boy saw bike at 1602 Washington.
            12/29: Police take bike.
            Conclusion: Police determine the bike was left at 1523 Main between 10:30 PM on 12/26 and 2PM on 12/27 (page 35 of 43 Robinson-Final document).

            Definitely need more information from Spidey. One thing occurred to me. In the video, Spidey said he contacted Cory in 2007. Cory could know who he is.

            1. As far as Spidey, I can fill you in on that some. Helen pushed Spidey to talk to Cory as a follow up to me doing the same. For the longest time Helen thought that Spidey actually did sit down and talk to Cory in person. Well it did not happen. It wasn’t until later after the video was made that Spidey revealed to Helen that he never actually talked to Cory in person but was from a phone conversation he made to him instead. Evidently Cory cut him short on the phone and didn’t want to talk to him or for very long. Maybe it was just at a bad time which would be my guess. I also think now that maybe this was around the same time Cory and GG were fighting over Helen issues revealed in Marney’s book which didn’t help the situation. Really hard to say how it all went down exactly. I was quite surprised Spidey mention Cory in the video and that was why I asked Helen about it one day so she explained what happen and it sure did not help matters. I guess all things considering we may have to put the Spidey story to rest. I wish he would come out and explain things better.

              So I gather the claims that Jill’s bike was recovered at Tiny Tim’s hobby shop are bogus except for the possible sighting of her there by a witness?

              1. Thanks for the update. I think you are correct. It was a bad time. I reviewed Cory’s notes for 2007. No mention of him talking to anyone like Spidey. I think Spidey was the victim of bad timing when he called Cory.

                2007 was probably the busiest year of all OCCK activity since 1977. Lamborgine trial, Busch lead, pedophile investigations in Highland Park, Detroit, downriver, and other locations. Also too many other follow-up conversations to mention. Cory was a man juggling chain saws all while fending off OCP and MSP interference. Then Spidey threw him a tennis ball during the juggling act. He had more important things to concentrate on.

                The ball is now in Spidey’s court. I have not found anything (yet) on any mention of the bike being at Tiny Tim’s.

  9. Just so the readers know I did not make this up in this buried thread…

    Youtube – Decades of Deceit Chapter 29

    Bill Beachum, formerly an FBI agent. Beachum reviewed over 3,000 pages of FOIA documents and spoke with law enforcement before synthesizing the evidence against Christopher Busch.

    3:02 Describes Chris Busch in some detail and states Tiny Tim’s Hobby shop where Jill’s bike was found.

    14:13 Busch was known to take victims to Tiny Tim Hobby Shop which is near where Jill was abducted and where Jill’s bike was recovered by police.

    When this DVD first came out originally it drove Helen to push Spidey to make a video for her YouTube series as it contradicted his story completely. Now all these years later, who knows where the truth really stands? Seems like there is nothing about Jill’s bike ever being recovered from Tiny Tim’s in the FOIA papers but just where was it recovered and found originally is still a mystery.

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