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“It’s difficult to watch The Black Phone and not draw lines between the Atlanta child murders of 1979-1981 or the Detroit-area Oakland County Child Killer cases of the 1970s.”

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    1. Sorry, the link does not work–I should have run it one last time before I posted. I checked out other links to post–I don’t think this is worth your time, so I am going to take it down later today. The film is written based on serial killers from the 1970s according to the screenwriters. I would never watch the film, I guess the point of the post was that screenwriters address these topics in fictionalized films but “too scary” for real life documentaries that cover the criminals and their enablers.

          1. Had not seen that one, G-Man. Christian Faith Publishing would not be on my radar. The serial killer’s strong desire to destroy the father does scream Chris Busch. So many parts of the OCCK case, including what has taken place since 2006, are complete fodder for easy fiction plots. Too bad the OCCK case is all too real. What is needed is a nonfiction follow up by Marney Keenan of all of the shit that has happened and been ignored since her book was published in July 2020. You think Part I is outrageous? Part II is more so. And the local press won’t touch it.

            1. Yes, Christian Faith Publishing is not on my radar, but I ran across the book review somewhere. The “strong desire to destroy the father” does scream of Busch. And the serial killer in the college teacher’s class made me think of Hastings. I normally ignore these fictional accounts as well.

              I told Marney Keenan (at her last book review) that I am looking forward to the follow-up edition of “The Snow Killings”.

  2. I lived in Oak Park, was raised there, Moved to Warren in 74. It never leaves me, the OCCK. We moved to Waterford fall of 75, Nothing was known to me of this area, all was woods, lakes, open spaces. 1976, When my dad read the papers, I knew the areas kids vanished from, obviously he did too. Kids snatched from places I knew, what made me safer? that I was no longer in the area? I remember fear, walking to the bus, walking home. Always looking over my shoulder. I was usually alone. I remember when Winter came, newspapers plastered with OCCK. My parents took me and my brother, we stayed in Salem Township with my Grandparents. My parents on edge. That spring, surrounded by lakes, woods, too many places a Boogeyman could hide ( my thoughts) I stopped going outside, I stopped riding my bike, the seed was deeply planted. My dad kept saying the press is withholding information. He knew things weren’t adding up, the reporting that is.
    I watched 40 seconds of the Black Phone premier, that was enough. I know it exists in reality. I simply can’t bear to watch it. I do believe these scripts are depictions of real cases. They can say it’s Fiction all they want. I call BS. They love these perps, esp after they’re dead, Having their secrets, diaries, ledgers and god knows what else. These movies too give up and coming sadists instructions. I stop here. Bless you Cathy for all your efforts, I come here and read at random, wing and prayer, something tangible has been discovered.

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