2 thoughts on “After Surviving a High School Shooting, He Was ‘An Empty Shell. No Emotion.’ Now What? | Sports Illustrated”

  1. My heart broke again after reading about Keegan. I live about 4 miles from Oxford HS. The community is still not back to normal – will it ever be? This was such a tragic situation. All the kids who went to Oxford HS are victims. These kids and families deserve the truth. Again, people high up be it the school board or Oakland County Sheriff scrambling to cover their butts. On a good note- Ethan Crumbley the shooter, accepted responsibility and pled guilty to all counts. Thankfully the parents will not have to subject themselves to a trial. His parents’ trial will begin in January. Hopefully they will be held accountable. Terrible parents who overlooked their son’s mental health because they were too busy having affairs and partying. Another lost soul. I pray everyday for the victims, their family and the Oxford community to hopefully find peace and happiness one day

  2. Thank you for sharing Keegan’s story on here, Cathy. Our family knows the Gregory family, my son was also a freshman in the building when the shooting occurred. It has been such a rough road since that awful day. So many families affected and these poor kids will never know what it is to have a “normal” high school career. As another reader commented, it is my hope that the parents are held accountable for their inaction of not listening to their son’s pleas for help with his mental health and their reckless action of supplying him a deadly weapon. On a more positive note, the family of Tate Myre has created a mentoring program called 42 Strong ( https://www.42strongtate.org/ ) turning their tragedy into something positive. My son is a mentor in the program and it is amazing to watch these kids persevere and put love, kindness, and light back out into the the community after the horrible tragedy they experienced and the trauma they are still facing for many years to come.

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