Wealthy Pedophiles: $ and Human Trafficking

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Another reader recently pointed out that Francis (Frank) Shelden placed assets with Bear Stearns around the same time Epstein worked there. See https://law.justia.com/cases/federal/district-courts/FSupp/644/444/1559036/. Epstein also studied at Interlocken in Grand Traverse County, Michigan. He made donations to Interlocken and traveled there with his partner, convicted felon Ghislaine Maxwell.

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      1. Gov. Polis should meet face-to-face with John Ramsey. I felt like Polis’ response in the press was in some ways positive, but also reflected a lack of understanding of the real limits of state laboratories versus third-party labs/forensic genetic genealogists. Given the recent revelations about this department, it is even more alarming that they will not work with the FBI or one of number of third-party labs who would probably show up tomorrow and do the work for free.

  1. “Human trafficking was the principal business of the accounts Epstein maintained at JP Morgan”, the lawsuit said.

    That’s interesting! I wasn’t aware that there was any documentation of direct cash-for-sex transactions between Epstein and his presumed prostitution clients – rather than “time with the girls” being a type of side-benefit Epstein might have offered to some of his legal business customer-clients.
    But, I haven’t followed Epstein case very closely. Can anyone point me, to where I could find such documentation online?

    Yes, some pedophiles who engaged in ‘human trafficking’ were very wealthy, if not super-wealthy! (For their time).
    But only a very small percentage of the population have ever fit those categories, so only a small percentage of historic pedophiles who engaged in ‘human trafficking’, have belonged to them.
    Some were modestly well-to-do, like school teacher Gerald Richards – who was quite open in his Senate hearings testimony, that he and other pornographers prostituted some of the “models” (victims), to each other and perhaps to other Better Life Monthly ad contacts.
    Vermilye prostituted the Boy’s Farm residents to “sponsors”, but he was not at all a wealthy person. In fact, he was able to persuade ‘his’ boys to participate voluntarily in both the pornography & trafficking, by being frank about his finances – without the money from those activities, he would have to send them back to their families, foster homes or care facilities and close the farm.
    “Bishop” Roger Gleaves, over in the UK, was essentially penniless when he wasn’t running some kind of scam, and while he was pimping young boys living in the Piccadilly area hostel that he managed, had only the small salary from that position for legit income.
    The group of young men, prosecuted for pimping Piccadilly ‘rent boys’ in the mid 1970s, were all bottom rung working class.

    Simply as a fact of demographics, there have been and probably always will be, more “no visible means of support”, working class and middle class pedophiles who engage in ‘human trafficking’, than very wealthy ones.

  2. I don’t know much about financial law, but it looks to me like the judgement being rendered in that court document, states the assets-monies “placed in Bear Stearns” were put there by Starchild – without Shelden’s knowledge or consent;

    “12. The assets held by the New York brokerage houses of Donaldson, Lufkin & Jenrette; Bear Stearns & Company, and Shearson/American Express, belong to the Francis D. Shelden Revocable Inter-Vivos Trust since their inception, and at all times were and are the property of the Francis D. Shelden Trust, and these were wrongfully removed from the Trust by the TCVI and by Adam Starchild on December 15, 1977.

    13. That prior to and at the time of the transfers of the assets of the Trust by TCVI and Adam Starchild, Adam Starchild was an owner, director and agent for the TCVI and was at all times acting in a fiduciary capacity.

    14. That the transfers by Adam Starchild were made without the knowledge or authorization of the Settlor”

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