March 17, 1977

DICK Thompson, L. Brooks Patterson’s chief deputy prosecutor, gets his hands dirty hours after my brother goes missing by checking out the Christopher Busch CSC with a minor file. Patterson: My finger prints aren’t on the Busch file. But DICK’s are. Did you want something fun to read with your morning coffee?

7 thoughts on “March 17, 1977”

  1. If thats not smoking gun proof they knew this ring was going on and busch was involved then nothing is. Also leads to the theory that a PO killed busch and made it look like a suicide,

    1. Or could very well had been an insider that knew exactly what was going on and did the murder making it look like a suicide. For anyone else it didn’t matter and they all might have went on thinking that it was a cop that did it. Most cops probably believe that today. Regardless of which case it really was, it was very clear a cover up was going on to cover for Busch operations before the OCCK events, during and the aftermath of this very questionable suicide. Whatever the case there are plenty of people in their positions that have their own reasons for covering their own ass or someone’s else. Such a tangled mess to ever try to sort out and get to the real truth!

  2. busch and gunnels took that kid i saw them on livernois with him they pulled his hat over his head before we crossed paths i thought it was just mean brothers but now i figured out what i saw ……

    1. Susan, thank you for posting this comment regarding Mark’s abduction. I remember your comment last month (see link below), and I had been hoping that you would provide more information.

      I know other readers were also hoping you would provide more details of your story. I am still hopeful you will share the whole story. I have a specific reason for asking this of you.

      Would it surprise you to know that I heard a similar story last summer from another individual?

  3. Hey Cathy, I put more bird seed out for Tim today. We were the same age. Hard to believe we are both 57 this summer. We have lots of crime shows today that profile unsolved murders. Remind your viewers that do not reside in Metro Detroit that there are zero TV shows, news articles, cries from the police on this case. Nothing. Folks in Florida know about Ted Bundy. People in Illinois know about Mr. Gacy and the list goes on. People here under the age of about 55 know nothing about this case.

  4. I guess if your name is TIMOTHY KING and you are found deceased in the State of Michigan, no county or city police agency will give a shit or will investigate your death or the crime no matter if you are a white or black person named TIMOTHY KING. FYI, there are (2) TWO individuals named Timothy King that were found deceased in Metro Detroit (BOTH IN WAYNE COUNTY), and to me it seems NO ONE CARES to investigate or find out the truth. Shame on our governor and the MSP.

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